Q: Cons do you support an Anti abortion extremists or not?

A:Yes they DO !Read More »

Q: Anti-abortion extremists in the name of christianity...?

A:Here are some christian pro lifers. If you are ready to see what murderers will post on the internet to justify bombing and maiming their fellow citizens hit th...Read More »

Q: Are you ever afraid of being attacked by anti-abortion extremists...

A:If anyone ever tries to blow up my clinic, my staff will hold him down and I'll suck out his brains. I even have a sign out front that says so.Read More »

Q: Actually, i believe our government considers those who home schoo...

A:What would I do? Leave them alone. The govt has no constitutional authority to intervene. Do some research. You will find that home school children tend to have...Read More »

Q: Will Extremist GOP platform of Anti-Abortion through any means ne...

A:Yes they are trying to manipulate and pervert our laws. They have done this now with voting too, Do you rally think it is coincidence that 37 Republican states ...Read More »

anti-abortion extremists

Anti-abortion violence is violence committed against individuals and organizations."Little-Enforced Law Opens Window for Suits Against Extremist Groups". Definition and characteristics - By country - Violence by Army of God
Anti-abortion extremists have taken to protesting outside the home of Julie Burkhart, the CEO and founder of the Trust Women Foundation and .
In recent years, domestic extremists of various stripes have committed violent acts in the United States from murders to arsons to bombings.
That morning, anti-abortion extremists descended upon Burkhart s neighborhood and gathered outside her house to protest her .
FEARS are held for the safety of women in Texas after an anti-abortion group infiltrated a pro-choice volunteering service, with the aim of .
More and more, anti-abortion extremists, white supremacist groups and the conspiracy-minded "Patriot" movement have come to share the same enemies list.
“People feel like my activism and me using comedy to shine a light on the extremism in let s say the anti-abortion movement is as absolutely .
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How do hormone change after having an abortion?
Hormones do change after an abortion--not due to the abortion itself but to the lack of pregnancy (similar hormonal changes occur after a miscarriage or delivery). At a population level, depression is not linked to abortion--however, some women do experience depression (just as some women experience...

Poll ? ? ? ? ? Would you support Lindsay Lohan if she runs for Mayor of New York City in the next election ?
Nope. EDIT: I don't see eye-to-eye with the current mayor either. He supports abortion and opposes the death penalty. While there is an unemployment rate that is swiftly climbing the charts, he wants to go ahead and just give the 12 million illegal immigrants permanent status. He also wants...

Can someone please locate me a pro-choice article when it comes to abortion?
The Newsweek Article: Reflections by a Young Prochoice Activist: Arguments for Pro Choice Abortions: Los Angeles Times articles on abortion: @Martin S: The law...

Why isnt iowa considered a red state?
You must have been in either rural areas or the western part of the state or somehow just met a whole bunch of hick and/or white trash types. Parts of Iowa are pretty liberal, particularly Iowa City, which is probably one of the most liberal cities in the midwest and people there are generally...

Would Vitamin C pills can make you have an abortion on the first couple of weeks of your pregnancy?
um no.. your body takes the vitamin C it needs and you pee out the rest. Your body only needs 500 a day so if you go past that you really just pee it out. It doesn't do anything but help you out. That is absurd. Your friend was either not pregnant or the baby went from natural causes. Usually...