Q: Why is Obama signing pro abortion and pro stem cell research bill...

A:Because he can. I thought it might be a way to distract people from the poor job that he is doing in other areas such as the economy.Read More »

Q: Why did Obama's "transparent" administration refuse to let camera...

A:First, never say Obama is in the pocket of the media again - as you have often in the past. Second, let's not pretend that photos of the Oval Office were not re...Read More »

Q: Should liberal pro abortion women who have children hold indecent...

A:No, free speech - they are just horrible parents to have their kids wearing/displaying signs promoting the murder of innocent babies and saying things like "I'l...Read More »

Q: Was signing a Pro Abortion Edict one of Braqi's promises, opening...

A:Obama signed an order lifting a ban on providing funding to foreign organizations that, among other things, perform abortions. Reagan put the ban in place. Clin...Read More »

pro-abortion signs

A run-down of the most obscene and outrageous pro-abortion signs Students for Life of America saw at the Texas State Capitol in Austin during .
Pins about PRO CHOICE SLOGANS hand-picked by Pinner Eleanor White | See more about pro choice, women rights.Belfast pro-choice signs (via tumblr)
In Texas, a throng of angry pro-choice protesters aren t happy with the bill to restrict abortions over 20 weeks. We ve highlighted some of the .
The duo creates homemade signs that have literally nothing to do with abortion, instead the posters are meant to deride the pro-lifers mission .
Couple gain hordes of fans after picketing pro-life abortion clinic.Mr Haver Currin said: Mostly, they put down their signs and bullhorns and.
Holding signs advocating “Abortion on demand, without apology,” the pro- abortion rights protesters forced anti-abortion activists to take the .
Thousands of pro-abortion protesters gathered at the Texas Capitol on.two young children were seen holding up a sign with a wire hanger .
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Pregnancy with cystic fibrosis?
I am so sorry. I know this must be a huge and horrible decision to make. I am against abortion, but the burden of what you know has to be ponderous. You never know what the future will bring, though. Your girls might survive into their 30's, and by then medical advances may have occurred...

Abortion in the United States?
1. There is no way of knowing whether the mother in such a case was seeking abortion unless she had already made an appointment for one and was assaulted or murdered before she was able to go in for it, an extremely unlikely event. The vast majority of the time this law ends up applying to...

Did the Texas courts get it right when they ruled parts of Texas' abortion law unconstitutional?
Yes, but I would have preferred they throw out the entire law. The TX legislature needs to be gerrymandered and reflect the will of the people. @Daro - depending on how you mean it, you may be right or horribly wrong. Re-read the 10, all the way. The final say is "the people" not the State...

Is it wrong for pro-lifers (or people who lobby against abortion) to go around showing videos of live abortion?
It is if there are children present, definitely. If there's someone who's younger than 18, don't show it to them. They shouldn't be getting pregnant yet anyways.

Can dong quai terminate your pregnancy?
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Dong quai is not recommended during pregnancy due to possible hormonal and anticoagulant/anti-platelet properties. Animal research has noted conflicting effects on the uterus, with reports of both stimulation and relaxation. There is a published report of miscarriage...