Q: What is Post-Birth Abortion?

A:Here is the way I understand it in a nutshell: Late-term abortion (or partial-birth abortion as some call it) is performed in order to preserve the health and l...Read More »

Q: What is the definition of "post birth abortion"

A:When you end a human being's life after its expulsion from the birthing canal. Typically classified as murder or manslaughter in most countries, since after bir...Read More »

Q: Should post-birth abortion be legal in the USA like it is in Holl...

A:Post-birth abortion is legal in Holland and criticism of it is considered hate speech and is punishable. Julian Savulescu says that opposition to abortion is op...Read More »

Q: Can we make post birth abortion legal up to one week?

A:Quoting J_9: Please tell me I didn't read this right! Do you actually mean killing a child up to one week after it is born? Please tell me I'm wrong. WARNING HA...Read More »

Q: Post Birth Abortion?

A:i'm sorry but wtf are these people on? i mean killing someone because they're different. does hitler and the ayrian cultrue ring a bell?Read More »

post-birth abortion

They claimed that post-birth abortion was being taught on liberal campuses across America and a wave of academic liberals want to grant the .
While some may dismiss the whole notion of a post-birth abortion as a rather sick, college-level attempt at humor, it is anything but. In fact, the .
A Canadian bioethicist and philosophy professor at Queen s University is lobbying for acceptance of "postnatal abortion" to justify euthanizing .
[W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.
A trend seen by prolife activists that frequently engage college students on campuses nationwide is the growing acceptance of post-birth .
of a "trend seen by pro-life activists" indicated a growing number of college students support what the site dubbed "post-birth abortion."
A serious philosophical problem arises when the same conditions that would have justified abortion become known after birth. In such cases .
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Deadline for abortion in FLORIDA?
try asking in the women's health section. most of the women in this section are expecting and happy about it, trying to conceive, or have already had children. most of us don't want to discuss abortion. **added** if that baby was your "sunshine" already, you would tell the "daddy" to take...

Why is abortion not wrong?
I am pro-choice and here is why: 1. Whether or not you consider abortion "murder" is subjective. Everyone can have their own opinion on whether life begins at conception or not. But should your opinion force every woman who has an unwanted pregnancy to listen to you? No, it shouldn't. That's...

What are symptoms of an infection after a medical abortion?
Signs of infection tend to be fever, heavy bleeding, and pain that doesn't respond to painkillers. You definitely shouldn't be having any symptoms months after the abortion- definitely go back to the doctor. Did you have your follow-up visit? All abortions should have a follow-up visit a...

Do people not realize that the SUPREME COURT of the USA legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade?
I see your point. The president is the one who appoints justices, though. But it will be awhile (+8) years before we need that. And then of course you need a court case . . .

Do Humphrey 11 help abort unwanted pregnancies?
In theory, Humphrey's 11 is, in theory, a homeopathic medication. This means it's diluted down far enough that it should not have any actual effect on the mom or the fetus. Homeopathic meds don't do you any good, but they don't do you any harm. Possibly it will cause abortion, but they seem...