Q: How to Adopt a Shelter Pet Vs. Buying a Purebred.

A:1. List your "wants" and "do not wants. If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for, you may end up with a pet that does not fit well with your family,...Read More »

Q: What is the reason for regional differences in Python vs. Ruby ad...

A:I believe the OP's premise is flawed: the simplistic search terms provided are far too broad and capture many people called Ruby, Monty Python, and so on. This ...Read More »

Q: What is the adoption of Fast Society vs. GroupMe?

A:Given that Fast Society is no more, I'd argue that GroupMe has a slightly better rate of adoption.Read More »

Q: What are the benefits of adoption vs. buying?

A:my bf has bought dogs from reputable breeders and adopted them...and I have always adopted. o...first off...buying a dog from a shop is BAD BAD BAD. they are po...Read More »

Q: What are the benefits to surrogacy vs. adoption?

A:Adoption and surrogacy are both wonderful ways to create or add to families-and we are not necessarily promoting one or the other or stating that either option ...Read More »

adoption vs - abortion

There are three main paths: parenting, abortion or adoption. American Adoptions has gathered some information for you to review that may guide you in making .
There is only one adoption for every 149 abortions performed. If the facts.If you are considering abortion vs. adoption, here is a brief comparison of the two:.
Anyone who believes that adoption or foster care is a real solution to growing. fact that fewer babies are available for infertile couples to adopt thanks to Roe v. .Furthermore, the rates of adoption versus abortion are vastly .
The whole idea of abortion does not belong in the adoption conversation. Let me .Abort or Carry to term vs Parent or Adoption. Adoption may .
Striving to find the "middle ground" on abortion -- that is, coming up with ways acceptable to pro-choice and pro-life Americans alike to reduce the number of .
Abortion vs Adoption. ABORTION INFORMATION The Facts In the U.S., every 22 seconds, a baby dies from abortion. That s 1.4 million babies each year, and .
Between , 1.7 percent of children born to never-married white women were placed for adoption, compared to 19.3 percent .
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Preventing abortion/ Pro Life?
I went from "PRO" abortion, to so called pro choice, to on the fence. I stayed there for a long time wanting to come down on one side or the other. Than I heard a simple question. "if life doesn't begin at conception, when does it begin?" I came off the fence on to the pro life side. I believe...

A catholic view in abortion?
The catholic catechism (an official document) can be found at The part about abortion can be found at It says the following: "Abortion 2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the...

Ohio abortion limit?
I am unaware of a 3 time limit. The only abortion laws in Ohio state a 24 Hour Informed Consent Law which requires that women receive certain information at least 24 hours before an abortion in a face to face meeting with a physician. The exceptions are for emergency situations. Then of course...

Speech needed on abortion and the moral issue?
the web page (below) has extensive discussion on Philosophy and the moral issue of abortion The issue of abortion hinges on the question of personhood. Nearly everyone believes that persons have a special moral status: Taking the life of another person, barring extreme circumstances, is a grievous...

In GA can you have your bf in the room during an abortion?
There are no laws about who can be with you during an abortion- different clinics have different policies, although most will let your partner accompany you if you ask specifically that he be allowed to do so. For example, at Feminist Women's Health Care in Atlanta, they state: "The FWHC allows...