Q: Is post abortion counseling a fraud and/or useless gimmick?

A:Having had an abortion myself, dealing with the onset of all the hormones was really, really difficult. I don't think it's a fraud, since it's not paid for by t...Read More »

Q: Where to find post abortion counseling thats only online and whic...

A: More »

Q: What does post-abortion counselling involve?

A:If you want to talk to someone about your experience and how you are feeling, there are experienced post-abortion counselling agencies available. A Marie Stopes...Read More »

Q: Where were they getting the idea? Were they thinking of it themse...

A:I think that today there are more women coming out and talking about it because they hear other women talking about, that they're not crazy people, that there a...Read More »

post-abortion counseling

In order to identify and respond to emotional needs of women and their loved ones after an abortion, Exhale uses a counseling model that empowers and .
Find healing, joy, forgiveness through Project Rachel s free, confidential counseling. After The Abortion - Find Help - Portraits of Grief - How to Talk to a Friend Who's.
Most women do not need any psychological help after an abortion. Feelings of regret after abortion are rare. Indeed, the most common emotional response after .
Both sides of the argument agree that grief after abortion is real and women must least nine hours of therapy before a woman will admit a past abortion.
Our counseling center provides a safe non-judgmental space for you to discuss your thoughts and.Pregnancy Options Counseling- Post Abortion Counseling.
Ask the Experts: Get answers to your questions about post abortion health,. Counselors and Laity in ministry to those suffering after abortion and in need of .
1-866-469-7326 - The Abortion Recovery Network has a nationwide toll-free hotline for post-abortive counseling and can direct people to centers near them for .
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By what rights to christian-america conclude that Abortion is Murder?
1) by what rights to christian-america conclude that Abortion is Murder? That right is known as "freedom of speech". 2) are there not exception to some abortion being self defense or the right of a husband to save the life of his wife or the right of a raped child not to have to endure the...

If the pregnant woman absolutely cannot afford a baby, how can she survive without an abortion?
I have to jump in here and offer my two cents. Abortion is a choice. It's not an easy choice, but it IS a choice, and always will be, whether its legal or not. Many, many women throughout history have died because of botched, back-alley abortions and repressive laws that limit a woman's rights... and abortion?
They don't have a stance on abortion. BTW, you can't prevent AIDS with abortion, only condoms or abstinence. You are asking for links and facts, get yours straight. AIDS and abortion are 2 entirely different issues. One has NOTHING to do with the others. To my knowledge PP doesn't operate...

Can u ask god for forgiveness if u have an abortion?
Are you a born again believer ? If the answer is yes,God will forgive you of everything except blaspheming the Holy Spirit. For this there is no forgiveness. You can ask God to forgive you and comfort those areas that only God can reach...

What is an Abortion Mill?
It's an anti-abortion term for an abortion clinic.