Q: Are the film crews of both the anti-abortion & the the anti-anima...

A:Animals can feel pain. No embryo can. There is a huge difference. Many anti-abortion websites make use of photographs of late second trimester abortions because...Read More »

anti-abortion photos

Know the truth of abortion from these babies Abortion photos.images of abortion from weeks of fertilization exposed to spread awareness for anti- abortion.
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The abortion images below show some of the grim reality of abortion. Only seeing such images of abortion can bring us to the kind of indignation needed to .
The truth about the anti-abortion photos. Since the genesis of the anti-abortion campaign, pro-life activists have used pictures to further their cause. However .
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Recently, I had an abortion. Lining the street in front of the clinic were a dozen or so protesters. They held up large banners with anti-abortion slogans, religious .
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What is the abortion pill like?
There is pain, but only abit worse than normal period pains, you just get cramps & backache. I dont know why all these people are saying its really bad, because its NOT like giving birth at all. If you take the pill before 9 week all that passes through is a few large blood clots and believe...

What are the chances North Dakota abortion laws get to the US Supreme Court?
The constitution (US) doesn't say anything about abortion, so there not a challenge there. But odds are it will be heard in court, maybe not the supreme court, but it will be heard.

Suggestions for a sign to protest against anti-abortion protesters?
steps: 1. Go to front of planned parenthood with boombox and cd 2. play Digable Planets "La Femme Fetal" (a pro-abortion song) as loud as you can 3. Get sign that says, "Do you want my sister to die in childbirth?" or, "Doctor or clothhanger at home? You decide" because before abortion was...

How long should my first period last after taking the abortion pill?
Your first period should last a few days and no, it's not normal

The probably could do the consent, but if they are suspicious they could notify your parents as well. Hard as it may be you might want to do it the right way, if it is a law to get parental consent then you could be charged with forgery on top of everything else. Women have died from abortion...