Q: How to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

A:Express your support in as many ways as possible. Much of the effectiveness of a campaign comes down to show of support. Make T-shirts and signs and start local...Read More »

Q: When will Hillary Clinton resign?

A:Soon, if you take her at her word.Read More »

Q: What is Hillary Clinton know for?

A:Hillary Clinton is the wife of President Clinton and is currently Secretary of State in the Obama Cabinet. Mrs. Clinton is a brilliant woman and I admire her a ...Read More »

Q: Who is Hillary Clinton?

A:* Born: 26 October 1947� - * Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois� - * Best Known As: The former First Lady who ran for president. Name at birth: Hillary Diane Rodham....Read More »

Q: Why is Hillary Clinton such a polarizing figure?

A:Just to add a few more reasons to the good ones listed by Quora User and. Jon Mixon. Hillary has never been able to shake the sense that her marriage to Bill is...Read More »

hillary clinton - abortion

I can just imagine this guy s thought process. He s thinking, "Oh, I m going to use abortion to put her on the spot!" With what comes next, I almost feel sorry for him .
When Rand Paul was recently asked about whether he believed there should be any exceptions to his anti-abortion stance, like in cases such .
After Senator Hillary Clinton gave a 2005 speech restating her long-held view that abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare," some pundits accused her of being .
5 days ago . In 2009, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked in Congress about abortion rights in other countries and whether the administration .
[edit]. In a speech on January 24, 2005, to the New York State Family Planning Providers, Senator Clinton outlined her .
Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is dodging a key question in the abortion debate: Under what circumstances should late-term abortion .
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If you get an abortion at 11 weeks..?
Absolutely not. Pain receptors in the brain don't even begin to develop until around 24 weeks, which is the cutoff date for legal abortion anyway. In fact when Doctors perform in utero surgery on a fetus less than 24 weeks old they do not even use any sort of painkillers. I'm taking Lifespan...

Why protests against TX new abortion laws seen as fine but people protesting O'Care labeled terrorists?
It's part of the liberal narrative to call everything that is conservative, "dangerous, extreme, violent, radical, or an unruly mob". It begs the question, "what if anything, does the media consider to be "dangerous, extreme, violent or an unruly mob" on the left side of the spectrum? Personally...

Do u think abortions should be made illegal?
Every abortion kills a living human child, therefore every abortion is wrong. It really is that simple. In the case of rape, you need to remember that the child is completely innocent. Why should she receive the death penalty for a crime her father committed? Would we kill a one-year-old...

Do you support/defend abortion if you know the child has Downs?
I only support abortion in the case of where the mother's life is at great risk. I would not support abortion in the cases of conceived in rape or incest. However, I would not judge woman negatively if they truly got an abortion for such a reason. Any other reasons for abortion, including...

Showing me how to brain storm on women right on abortion?
..I think if you are looking for information on this topic, the best solution would in fact be to first get all of the history behind the birth of this right and/or law..Questions such as, when/what year did this begin, who was the leading person/people, when did this right or law enter into...