Q: How to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

A:Express your support in as many ways as possible. Much of the effectiveness of a campaign comes down to show of support. Make T-shirts and signs and start local...Read More »

Q: When will Hillary Clinton resign?

A:Soon, if you take her at her word.Read More »

Q: What is Hillary Clinton know for?

A:Hillary Clinton is the wife of President Clinton and is currently Secretary of State in the Obama Cabinet. Mrs. Clinton is a brilliant woman and I admire her a ...Read More »

Q: Who is Hillary Clinton?

A:* Born: 26 October 1947� - * Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois� - * Best Known As: The former First Lady who ran for president. Name at birth: Hillary Diane Rodham....Read More »

Q: Why is Hillary Clinton such a polarizing figure?

A:Just to add a few more reasons to the good ones listed by Quora User and. Jon Mixon. Hillary has never been able to shake the sense that her marriage to Bill is...Read More »

hillary clinton - abortion

I can just imagine this guy s thought process. He s thinking, "Oh, I m going to use abortion to put her on the spot!" With what comes next, I almost feel sorry for him .
When Rand Paul was recently asked about whether he believed there should be any exceptions to his anti-abortion stance, like in cases such .
After Senator Hillary Clinton gave a 2005 speech restating her long-held view that abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare," some pundits accused her of being .
5 days ago . In 2009, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked in Congress about abortion rights in other countries and whether the administration .
[edit]. In a speech on January 24, 2005, to the New York State Family Planning Providers, Senator Clinton outlined her .
Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is dodging a key question in the abortion debate: Under what circumstances should late-term abortion .
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