Q: How the abortion pill works

A:RU486, or mifepristone, is a synthetic steroid that blocks the effects of the hormone progesterone, which is needed to start and continue pregnancy. Without pro...Read More »

Q: How do abortion pills work?

A:Not Medical Advice: Mifepristone is the "abortion pill". It is a 3 step process that blocks pregnancy hormones and causes the expulsion of the fetus.Read More »

Q: How abortion pills work?

A:What Is the Abortion Pill? Mifepristone is often known as "the abortion pill" because it is a steroid compound used in conjunction with other medications to ter...Read More »

Q: How Abortion Pills Work

A:The abortion pill refers to a drug given to end a pregnancy that is less than 49 days old. The most commonly used drug is mifepristone (Mifeprex), also known as...Read More »

Q: How does abortion pills work>?

A:My brother is doing a research project for school, he chose the topic of abortion. he did research online, and it tells that they give you a pill to kill the fe...Read More »

how the abortion pill works

You can feel confident in knowing that medication abortion with the abortion pill is very effective. It works about 97 out of every 100 times. You ll follow up with .
What is the abortion pill? The abortion pill is a medicine that ends a pregnancy. The medical name for the abortion pill is mifepristone. It works by blocking the .
How does an abortion with Misoprostol work? Misoprostol for medical abortion works best in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that, there is an increased risk .
Women have been using mifepristone, aka the abortion pill, for driving back and forth to scarce providers, and days of missed work.
Information for patients about what to expect if you choose the abortion pill, how it works, side effects, and risks. From the Feminist Women.
Covers two methods of abortion -- medication abortion and aspiration. Medication Abortion: The pills work 98 to 99 percent of the time.
On your first visit you will be given an abortion pill called mifepristone, which blocks the hormone that makes the lining of the womb suitable for the fertilised egg.
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