Q: Do you know of any anti abortion celebrities?

A:Jack Nicholson, Kathy Ireland, Michelle Duggar,….….Read More »

Q: Should anti-abortion celebrities pay prizes to narcs and people t...

A:So you say Margaret Sanger was a Myth? You are very ignorant. She did exactly what cain said, and it was to get rid of all those that were inferior, not just bl...Read More »

anti-abortion celebrities

We brought you our list of 10 surprising celebrities who are alleged (and confirmed) Republicans and 10 Hollywood entertainers who are .
While most of liberal Hollywood leans toward pro-choice, we though it would be interesting to find out which stars are pro-life, and some of the .
While there is no shortage of pro-abortion celebrities, there are some celebrities in the entertainment industry who are unafraid to stand for the .
But when it comes to abortion, a few Hollywood celebrities and entertainment icons are willing to speak out and say they are pro-life. Here are a .
Celebrities are notorious for their liberal-minded politics. Many are outspoken supporters of LGBT causes, and the list of famous Barack Obama .
Celebrities exert a considerable amount of influence in American life today. Their support or opposition can make a big difference to any social crusa.
As America s views on abortion get more liberal the voices of those that are pro- life are often drowned out. Below is a list of popular actors and .
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I don't know if i should get an abortion or keep my baby?
Really, the choice of what to do about your pregnancy is entirely up to you. No one else can tell you what to do about this. It's your body -- therefore what you do about your pregnancy is YOUR choice, and your choice alone. You really need to sit down and think about what you want to do about...

What do you think pro life/pro abortion means?
There is no such thing as "pro-abortion". Nobody is "pro-abortion". Many people are, however, "pro-choice", meaning they support a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body. No woman should ever be forced to get or remain pregnant against her will. She should always have access...

If Bush didn't abolish abortion, what makes people think McCain would have?
It's not even so much abolishing abortion, It's the abortion used as birth control. The profit made by people off of abortion. And murdering children. How you people justify it I'll never know. In April, the annual report of Planned Parenthood Federation of America revealed that the abortion...

Waterboarding or abortion? Which is most inhumane? ?
Abortion is. Waterboarding saves lives!!!

How can i end my abortion essay with a strong conclusion?
well first off you have to make it have a complex sentence in it.she'll think thats better and then make sure the conclusion reastates the topic sentence and also if you have the topic sentence with you make sure to make it complex as well. You should know what a complex sentence is so you...