Q: Pro-choice abortions facts?

A:very easy if you have an abortion you are murdering a child.Read More »

Q: What do you think about Pro-Choice Abortions?

A:It's a Decision that should Remain between a Woman & her Doctor (and -or- her Significant Other ) It's NOT One that Society should be "Deciding. -Because it's N...Read More »

Q: If a person is a vegetarian out of the conviction that it is immo...

A:You can't know that the legalization of abortion has, in fact, "resulted in millions of abortions. There is no evidence to show that laws restricting or prohibi...Read More »

Q: How do people think about The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life Vs. Pr...

A:Overall Rating: Rating 4 Star Rating star(s) Religion, Philosophy, and AbortionRead More »

Q: What are the main facts about abortion?

A:That it's a legal and safe procedure. You can read more in the link below. ANSWER: It is true that it's legal, and, for the majority is a safe procedure, but th...Read More »

facts about pro-choice abortion

Know the facts about abortion. Click here for the Spanish version of this fact sheet .1. The best way to reduce the need for abortion is to reduce the number of .
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional.NAF has created a series of carefully researched fact sheets that cover topics .
From the Alan Guttmacher Institute Facts in Brief on Teen Sex and Pregnancy. 64 % of.Each year, 2 of every 100 women of childbearing age have an abortion.
Most people reject the position that abortion is always wrong. In fact, abortion often has positive benefits for women s lives and health. Many people believe that .
Some pro-choice proponents believe abortion should only be used as a last.[ 86] Others say that pro-life concerns were in fact already prevalent and were a .
How To Argue Pro Choice: 10 Arguments Against Abortion Access,.will seek abortions even when they re illegal, but it is undeniably a fact .
Offered here are brief responses to the most common pro-choice arguments,.In fact, research shows that most Americans oppose most of the abortions .
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Has North Dakota restored sanity to the abortion debate?
Since there is only one abortion provider in the entire state they just opened themselves up to whole bunch of class action lawsuits by women who wanted to get abortions in the small time frame allowed but couldn't bc there is only one abortion provider in the entire...

Is medical abortion safer than surgical abortion?
I'd opt for a medical, it would seem a little more like miscarriage and is just a couple of tablets. Surgical would feel far too intrusive. And for the record, I have done neither.

What is the risk of dying during an abortion operation?
The risk of dying during an abortion procedure is not a con of choosing abortion, it is a pro. The alternative to abortion is continuing the pregnancy and there is a far greater risk of death in late-term pregnancy and delivery. Legal abortion Before 9 weeks 1 in 500,000 9–12 weeks 1 in 67...

What are your opinions on this quote? Pro-choice means the person lacks the courage or conviction to
I think whoever made this quote has no idea what they are talking about, pro-choice means a woman has the right to decide whether to stay with her pregnancy and have the baby or to abort the fetus and get on with her life. I had an abortion in the days when it was illegal to do so, I have never...

Abortion and emotions!?
It's okay. It's okay to feel how you are feeling, you have every right to feel the way that you do. Obviously there was some reason why you decided to have an abortion previously and whatever reason that was, I'm sure it was a good one. Your entire situation has probably changed since that...