Q: If someone is for the practice of abortion, aren't they by defini...

A:1. Yes. 2. No. 3. and 4. "...these people..."? "They call us..."? These questions are too vague and general to be answered directly. Several of the other respon...Read More »

pro-abortion definition

adjective pro·abor·tion \ pr - - b r-sh n\. Definition of PROABORTION. : favoring the legalization of abortion. — pro–abor·tion·ist \-sh( -)nist\ noun. How good .
Proabortion definition, pro-choice. See more.House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2015. Cite This Source. British Dictionary definitions for proabortion
Definition of pro-abortion in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pro-abortion. Pronunciation of pro-abortion. Translations of pro-abortion. pro-abortion synonyms, .
Top Definition. Pro-Abortion. One step beyond pro-choice. Polar opposite of pro- life. Origin: I hate sharing my shit with my younger siblings. I wish those bastards .
In favour of the availability of medically induced abortion. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.
Pro-Abortion - The history of a movement. The verdict of the Court. The current agenda. The current paradox. The definition of life.
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Would you vote for a candidate that proposes 4th trimester abortions?
hell NO i vote NO on all forms and terms of abortion.. mmm excuse me MURDER....but i can see your point of view.. most women may prefer it that way.. lets see how the kid comes out.. if it`s OK then we will keep it.. if it looks odd then we will just toss it in the incinerator..UM! HELLO PEOPLE...

Are those Barack Hussein Obama ads defending Planned Parenthood and abortion like allowing Hitler to make ads?
Hitler was christian. Conservative Christians have been conned into serving Mammon by the money changer Republicans. The Republicans have no intention of ever outlawing abortion. By promising to, like Bush did, they will keep conning the poor Christians out of their votes.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend wants me to get an abortion but I don't want to ?
Stay strong! He may not be ready for the responsibility, but asking you to abort your child as well as his- shows he's a coward who is afraid of responsibility and sees you as more of an object than a person. Don't let him turn you or your child into an object. If you need help or support look...

Does anybody know what the hidden lyrics in slipknots new abortion by chris and shaun ?
I dont think there is any hidden meaning just take it for face value.

I need help! Irregular periods, Abortion, Wanting to concieve SERIOUS ANSWERS PLZ?
hi faith marie. i went through the samething. i was 17 and had my baby and now been trying for almost 5yrs to conceive. i got preg last yr but miscarried in sept at 8wks. the reason they put you on bc pills is bc they trying to regulate your period.. with irregular periods you're not ovulating...