Q: If someone is for the practice of abortion, aren't they by defini...

A:1. Yes. 2. No. 3. and 4. "...these people..."? "They call us..."? These questions are too vague and general to be answered directly. Several of the other respon...Read More »

pro-abortion definition

adjective pro·abor·tion \ pr - - b r-sh n\. Definition of PROABORTION. : favoring the legalization of abortion. — pro–abor·tion·ist \-sh( -)nist\ noun. How good .
Proabortion definition, pro-choice. See more.House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2015. Cite This Source. British Dictionary definitions for proabortion
Definition of pro-abortion in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pro-abortion. Pronunciation of pro-abortion. Translations of pro-abortion. pro-abortion synonyms, .
Top Definition. Pro-Abortion. One step beyond pro-choice. Polar opposite of pro- life. Origin: I hate sharing my shit with my younger siblings. I wish those bastards .
In favour of the availability of medically induced abortion. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.
Pro-Abortion - The history of a movement. The verdict of the Court. The current agenda. The current paradox. The definition of life.
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About the low percentage of late term abortions... part 1?
I'm pro-choice, but I'm going to have to disagree with your opinion on this one. I personally know 2 women who had late-term abortions simply because they couldn't make up their mind about whether or not they wanted to have a baby. Then they both complained about how much more it cost them...

No period since surgical abortion, 7 months ago?
I have had 3 abortions before and depending on when you have an abortion it can take awhile for your cycle to come back. I had one abortion at 17 weeks and it took almost 4 weeks before i had my first period again and i thought i was pregnant again and my test were coming up positive. I wouldnt...

My assignment is to compare the argument of Don Marquis (who argues that abortion is immoral) with the opposin?
Marquis argues that most abortions are immoral because they deprive the fetus of a future like ours. This future-like-ours is a future of value- hence, to deny such a future is wrong. "An embryo has no rights. Rights do not pertain to a potential...

Republican and Democrat party on the issues.?
Abortion - Democrats support, Republicans don't oppose Civil Rights - Both like to violate our civil rights Crime - Both Democratic and Republican parties support crime Drugs - Democrats do illegal drugs, Republicans do legal drugs Education - Both could use some Energy & Oil - Democrats don't...

Self induced miscarriage VS abortion?
Actually, a life is not lost during an abortion. An embryo or fetus is no valuable life because it has not yet developed sentience, it has no ability to think or feel. I think you're just confused because you don't actually know much about abortion. It would help if you educated yourself on...