Q: Does anyone know of any anti-abortion book or websites?

A:Okay, here are the first two that i popped up when I did a yahoo search.… Is there any specific re...Read More »

Q: Can anyone recommend a christian based adoption website that are ...

A:How about websites that show "Christian" people backing out of an adoption because they can't have a perfect womb-wet newborn with no health issues. Sorry. All ...Read More »

Q: Pm Tully, did you read the so-called "anti-abortion screeds" or d...

A:I did read the 2004 article and would like to know just what in it needs reconciling with the statement about peaceful, legal means. His tactics may not be very...Read More »

anti-abortion websites

NRLC urges Senate to retain "Hyde" provision in anti-trafficking bill.The Impact of the Pro-Life Movement on the 2014 Elections.Search the NRLC Website. Education - Abortion Information - Mission Statement - Get Involved
Pro-Life Action League -- Saving women and their babies from abortion with peaceful.The first of our two sites is just a block east of Union Station, and so .
22 Foreign Languages with pro-life stories, news, videos and info!.millions of students and families with our life-saving Websites, Videos, DVDs, Speakers and .
Operation Rescue® is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become the voice of the pro-life activist movement in .
Priests for Life offers support and information on pro life and anti abortion. Find facts.Download and use material on this website according to these guidelines.
Anti-abortion websites posing as objective pregnancy counselling websites are telling women mortality rates for women 10 years after having .
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Can u ask god for forgiveness if u have an abortion?
Are you a born again believer ? If the answer is yes,God will forgive you of everything except blaspheming the Holy Spirit. For this there is no forgiveness. You can ask God to forgive you and comfort those areas that only God can reach...

Ginger is one of the herbs a pregnant woman should avoid?
You are right that there are some MDs who believe that in high amounts ginger can cause problems with pregnancy...even abortion. However, the amount normally found in food is considered to be safe...about 1gram dry ginger daily. For people who eat it in their food...they should be safe and...

The facts why we should not have abortions.?
i had an abortion at 11.5 weeks.. worst mistake of my life! i sat there in the waiting room with people i honestly thought were prostitutes talking about how right after wards they were going to go to Red Lobster... I wanted to walk out of there sooo bad but I knew my mom would be soo disappointed...

If u get an abortion in Planed Parenthood and your under 18, do they need parental consent ?
State Abortion Law as of Jan 2010 NY has no parental consent laws. Info if you need it . . . . If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 100$. If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support...

Is late-term abortion legal?
I believe in Texas the law states that you can abort a child up to the age of 8yrs old. After that it's frowned upon and after about 12yrs old or so they may charge you with murder. And by the way, stop waiting until the last minute to do your schoolwork!!!!