Q: Are all voting democrats responsible for the 50 million abortions...

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Q: What a coincidence, 50 million abortions in the past 40 years and...

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Q: What will 50 million buy?

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50 million abortions

The pro-abortion rights Alan Guttmacher Institute reports that there have been nearly 50 million abortions performed since 1973, the year the .
In 2011, 1.06 million abortions were performed, down 13% from 1.21 million in 2008. From , nearly 53 million legal abortions occurred.[2].
Various anti-abortion laws have been on the statute books of each state since. 50 million legal induced abortions have been performed in the United States. Abortion in the United States - Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Prior to these rulings abortion was prohibited in most of the 50 states.there have been approximately 50 million abortions performed in the United States.
Before reading Dr. Seuss from the Iowa House floor last week, a state lawmaker claimed there have been more than 50 million abortions .
a) Olson relies on the estimate of 50 million abortions. In January, LifeNews reported that more than 54.5 million abortions had been done at .
According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.
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Adoption versus abortion...?
i think it is sad that people are not willing to take care of their children , and i am a adoptive mom and plan on adopting again in a few years , i do feel abortion is murder b/c the unborn baby does have a heartbeat and that makes it a living , breathing being so that is murder, and i don't...

Any personal stories of abortion?
No lecture, my friend. I had one at 17 - along time ago now. I "knew" I had fallen pregnant, but somehow remained in denial for several weeks. In the end, it was my mother who guessed, and confronted me about it. I was amazed when she suggested that I could get an abortion and that she would...

Need help to decide abortion or keeping the baby?
Go to Google and see the young fetus. It's so cute you won't wan to abort. I would never suggest to do such a thing. There are mothers who say they felt bad all their life because they aborted. The baby is a part of you. You will have to sacrifice for it. I know you are just 16, but no one...

Writing a book on the horrors of abortion?
Talk to women who've had abortions. In college we had a debate on abortion and the girl I was partnered with refused to argue for it, since she was almost aborted herself. I argued it for her. It was tough, the depression and suicide rates that come from national figures are disturbing. Plus...