Q: Wat to expect in the discharge of blood of a 5 week aborted baby?

A:You wont see anything if that is what you are asking. It's just blood since the embryo is so small.Read More »

Q: If i have a 5 week abortion how long my period com for?

A:It depends on your body and if you did everything that told you to do as far as not driving and staying in the house.If it continues then you should see your do...Read More »

Q: Is it normal to be still bleeding 5 weeks of abortion?

A:It's unusual. Call your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.Read More »

Q: 5 week post abortion pain.

A:Hi Amanda, Thanks for your question. I hope you are feeling better and found out what is the problem. I'm not a doctor so if you aren't satisfied with the docto...Read More »

Q: No period 5 weeks after abortion.

A:Hi Charlotte, Thanks for your question. Try not to stress. (I know that's easier said than done. If you are stressed out, this could make your cycle irregular. ...Read More »

5 week abortion

licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy). An early .
Recovery time is 5-10 minutes. After you leave you can resume your normal activities. Abortion Pill In most cases, the abortion pill ends pregnancy safely and .first ten weeks of pregnancy our physicians can provide two safe, simple abortion .
There are two methods of abortion that can be carried out in the first stages of pregnancy at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 weeks of pregnancy. The first is the Early Medical .
Here, she shares what it was like to have an abortion.Sorry to be nit-picky but between 4 and 5 weeks it was an embryo not a fetus.
I ll use the former, since a "six week abortion" would be aborting a.I was 5 weeks pregnant and made the decision with my boyfriend to get .
Deciding to have an abortion can be a major decision. Are you unsure? Take the .Surgical abortions when 5-16 weeks pregnant. Your cervix will need to be .
i had the pill abortion done at 5 weeks and it really wasnt all that bad. cramping was horrible but it jus seemed like a super heavy period. my friend did surgical .
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Can an 8 week old fetus feel pain?
I will start by saying I am pro-choice. So nothing I say is advocating that you do or don't get an abortion. I think you need to find a counselor. Try Planned Parenthood. You need to talk over everything with someone who is impartial and not judgmental. But honestly, from what you are saying...

Can an abortion in the second trimester prevent you from carrying another child?
There is no hard and fast rule. An abortion at any stage can leave a woman sterile, but that is not usually the case. As for the laminaria, that will not produce any permanent change in the cervix. That simply is not true. .

In Ohio can a 16 year old get an abortion without parental consent/notification?
Ohio Abortion Law 24 Hour Waiting Period The State of Ohio requires a mandatory 24 hour delay and provision of state-directed counseling prior to obtaining an abortion. All patients must receive information regarding: the abortion procedure risks of abortion risks of continuing a pregnancy...

Any abortion specialist?
You should just try a quick search for local abortion clinics in your area, and try giving them a call. Ask if you can speak to the doctor, and ask if he might take some time out of his day to talk with you for a project. I'm sure there would be no problem with a lunch date some day to have...

I'm 3 weeks pregnant, What are my options ?
you have to go to an abortion clinic. they can terminate as soon as you can get an open appointment. they will just stick a hose in you and sucks the baby out. it almost looks like a shop vacuum. the only thing you feel is the thing they use you open you up as if you were getting a vaginal...