Q: Wat to expect in the discharge of blood of a 5 week aborted baby?

A:You wont see anything if that is what you are asking. It's just blood since the embryo is so small.Read More »

Q: If i have a 5 week abortion how long my period com for?

A:It depends on your body and if you did everything that told you to do as far as not driving and staying in the house.If it continues then you should see your do...Read More »

Q: Is it normal to be still bleeding 5 weeks of abortion?

A:It's unusual. Call your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.Read More »

Q: 5 week post abortion pain.

A:Hi Amanda, Thanks for your question. I hope you are feeling better and found out what is the problem. I'm not a doctor so if you aren't satisfied with the docto...Read More »

Q: No period 5 weeks after abortion.

A:Hi Charlotte, Thanks for your question. Try not to stress. (I know that's easier said than done. If you are stressed out, this could make your cycle irregular. ...Read More »

5 week abortion

licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy). An early .
Recovery time is 5-10 minutes. After you leave you can resume your normal activities. Abortion Pill In most cases, the abortion pill ends pregnancy safely and .first ten weeks of pregnancy our physicians can provide two safe, simple abortion .
There are two methods of abortion that can be carried out in the first stages of pregnancy at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 weeks of pregnancy. The first is the Early Medical .
Here, she shares what it was like to have an abortion.Sorry to be nit-picky but between 4 and 5 weeks it was an embryo not a fetus.
I ll use the former, since a "six week abortion" would be aborting a.I was 5 weeks pregnant and made the decision with my boyfriend to get .
Deciding to have an abortion can be a major decision. Are you unsure? Take the .Surgical abortions when 5-16 weeks pregnant. Your cervix will need to be .
i had the pill abortion done at 5 weeks and it really wasnt all that bad. cramping was horrible but it jus seemed like a super heavy period. my friend did surgical .
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Could I get pregnant two Weeks after abortion? and did anyone vomit two Weeks after abortion?
yes, you can get pregnant right after an abortion, your body is resetting itself and you could have ovulated. i dont see how you could have tolerated having sex 5 days postabortion, i waited the full 3 weeks and with no bleeding, and my cervix was still tender. your not supposed to insert anything...

Why Do Pro-Choice Supporters Hate Laws Requiring Ultrasounds For Women Seeking Abortion?
It's a cruel thing to do to a woman who is pregnant and wants an abortion. An ultrasound will actually show the fetus inside of the woman, which will cause more guilt than she probably already has. BTW, I've never heard of that law. A woman cannot be forced to have any kind of medical test...

Was McCain insensative to women's health in the debate?
Yes, that's what he said. Basically he was accusing Obama of leaving a loophole for late term abortions. So, say you wouldn't die from giving birth (LIFE of the mother), you'd just be horribly damaged, never be able to have more children, go insane from having a rape-baby, etc... (HEALTH ...

Ways to terminate an early pregnancy, and abortion pill questions?
First things first, you'll need to confirm your pregnancy with a test so after your missed period. You should not be experiencing pregnancy symptoms yet, you are still way to early. If you are pregnant your pregnancy will need to be confirmed via ultrasound so at minimum 5 weeks typically 6...

Grief normal after an abortion?
So sorry to hear that, it is normal to go through the grieving process when you loose a baby no matter how it happens or at what stage. Just try to let yourself go through what you need to because holding your feeling in will only make things worse. This website has a lot of information on...