Q: What are the symptoms after a 5 month abortion?

A:You will bleed for a few weeks and get your period back within 2 months, sometimes it can take a little longer with an abortion this late. The pregnancy symptom...Read More »

Q: 5 months after abortion, is this normal?

A:No, the level of depression you're talking about is not normal. I highly suggest that you contact a professional, non-biased hotline for counseling, or consult ...Read More »

Q: What a medicine to take to abort 5 months fetus?

A:A medical abortion is not possible at 5 months, the limit is 9 weeks. Attempting it now would be very dangerous for you, you can die and not abort. It has to be...Read More »

Q: How dangerous is an abortion at 5 month?

A:please let also your sister to read my answer or say you to her these things:The doctor must to all they can to save your not abort the baby.I think t...Read More »

Q: Had abortion 5 months ago?

A:Honestly please dont worry! my friend had one a few months back and she was scared she couldnt get pregnant again but she is pregnant now. Its uncommon for you ...Read More »

5 month abortion

Abortion is legal at 5 months everywhere in the United States.Here is a picture of an unborn baby at 5 (20 weeks) months in the womb.
I was 5 months pregnant!! At 16, my teacher noticed me going, running to the bathroom and emerging white-faced. She inquired if I was pregnant. She set up an .
Ive searched online that you could get an abortion up until you re 5 months.
By 5 months the baby is too developed and too big to have an abortion using misoprostol. Misoprostol will basically throw you into early labor .
4 Medicines used for abortion- 5 Danger signs after medical abortion- 6 How to tell if.This kind of abortion is safe to do during the first 12 weeks (3 months) of .
I Had An Abortion When I Was Six Months Pregnant.Sierra s chance of survival outside the womb hovered at around 5 percent—and she .
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I don't know that one, but hopefully it adds to your search to know that there is a song called "My Story" from the rapper Jean Grae that is about her experience with abortion in great detail.

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Hi, I'm 14 about to be 15 and am a Christian also. I can't begin to imagine what you have already been through being raped and getting pregnant. But, God gave you those two babies for reason even if you don't know the answer yet. Maybe you could use that experience to help other girls that...

Costs and limitations of RU-486 (abortion pill) in the California?
Take your girlfriend to planned parenthood and talk to the doctor there. A chemically-induced abortion is not always appropriate, so the doctor is going to need to assess if she's even a candidate. She might require a surgical abortion. The people at Planned Parenthood will also be able...

About how much do abortions cost? (Click on a state and it will tell you all the information that you need) Clinic For Women 3607 W. 16th Street, Suite B-2 Indianapolis, Indiana 46222 (800) 750-0761 (317) 955-2641 Surgical Abortion 6-12 weeks... $390 Student Discount with ID... $380 Medicaid Discount...

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good for you for not going through with abortion! men are wankers and never want to step up to the dad role. there isnt any paper work after abortions you just go in a nd out.. i dont think paper work would be neccesary as its such a hard and painfull time for the women. you will just have...