5 abortions

I was young and scared. I wasn t married when I first became pregnant. My boyfriend wanted nothing to do with a baby. He said I should have an abortion. I don.
i have had four abortions in the past 5 years, twice due to stupidity and the other times from birth control failures.anyway, im in an emotionaly .
I have 5 nieces and 5 nephews by 3 older sisters.all depend on your body and how you been taking care of your body after all that abortions.
This pattern continued three more times for a total of six abortions. Each time. 5. That is exactly what they are doing: reinforcing abusive and .
Yes, I have had 5 abortions. I was always pro-choice but always felt that the guilt of not having a baby would 4ever outweigh the burden of having it. I believed .
Has anyone ever had multiple abortions and been able to concieve a child later? .Some women have 5-10 abortions, yet have 2-3 healthy .
Having three or more abortions raises risk of premature birth and.5. Click to rate. Anna, UK, 2 years ago. If you have 3 or more abortions you .
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Interestingly, George Carlin is right about one thing on abortion debate. . .?
The point is, you can be anti-abortion but still be pro-choice. I against legislating all kinds moral choices. I'm anti-adultery but I don't want it to be a crime. I would counsel women against using the abortion option, primarily based on the regret I see in women my age (mid-forties) still...

Why is federal funding for abortion okay but.....?
The person who mentioned the Hyde Amendment is correct, Planned Parenthood doesn't get money for abortions, it gets money for things like pap smears and birth control. They are very careful to keep the funding separate. Planned Parenthood only receives a small amount of their budget through...

About the abortion process?
First- what type are you getting? Is it a medical and you're under 7 weeks pregnant (where you take the pills to expel the tissue) Or is it a D&C where you are farther along than 8 weeks (the surgical one) Also, is the D&C in office or will you be under anesthesia at a surgical center? If...

Is it ethical to protest at Ft. Wayne, IN Courthouse on Notre Dame speech (pro-lifers who urge Obama's ban)?
It is not appropriate for Christian ethicists to be deliberating the decision of a University President (John Jenkins) as if they can advise him of the best course for an annual history-making event: the major College (undergrad and graduate) Commencement ! This choice of the college C.E.O...

2 abortions in 6 months?
This is a difficult situation and it is nice to see that you care about your stepsister. People are correct, she is over the age of 18 and therefore an adult and can make choices on her own. However, I saw your other comment to George M where you mentioned that her boyfriend is forcing her...