5 abortions

I was young and scared. I wasn t married when I first became pregnant. My boyfriend wanted nothing to do with a baby. He said I should have an abortion. I don.
i have had four abortions in the past 5 years, twice due to stupidity and the other times from birth control failures.anyway, im in an emotionaly .
I have 5 nieces and 5 nephews by 3 older sisters.all depend on your body and how you been taking care of your body after all that abortions.
This pattern continued three more times for a total of six abortions. Each time. 5. That is exactly what they are doing: reinforcing abusive and .
Yes, I have had 5 abortions. I was always pro-choice but always felt that the guilt of not having a baby would 4ever outweigh the burden of having it. I believed .
Has anyone ever had multiple abortions and been able to concieve a child later? .Some women have 5-10 abortions, yet have 2-3 healthy .
Having three or more abortions raises risk of premature birth and.5. Click to rate. Anna, UK, 2 years ago. If you have 3 or more abortions you .
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How are late term abortions performed?
My mom had a friend that had an abortion about 20 years ago at 26 weeks... Apparently what they did was injected a solution into her womb, that disintegrated the baby, and then they performed a D&C scrape... I'm not to sure if they still do it that way, but I was under the impression that you...

Is Mitt Romney the "complete conservative"?
Our country is at war now and we need a true leader to guide us through the perilous times ahead. Mitt Romney is exactly the kind of person we need to run this country. Before any of us were born, we all lived together in Heaven with Heavenly Father. Some of us rebelled and started a war with...

The worst outcome of abortion is that a child is dead. That can't be overlooked. For the mother, there are many possible risks and side effects. This is just one site that can shed more light on this. There is also a very strong risk of breast cancer...

I have my 1st period after my abortion and still have positive p.t?
For miscarriage, read "abortion": Pregnancy tests work by detecting the pregnancy hormone hCG in your urine. Usually, hCG is not present in the body unless a woman is pregnant, so having it in your urine is pretty conclusive for pregnancy. But after a baby stops growing and a miscarriage occurs...

In countries where abortion is legal, women have the right to abort based on the gender of their child?
I think abortion is about individual rights. The law has to attempt to determine whether a fetus is an individual person whose rights should be protected or if it is part of a woman's body that she has domain over just like the rest of her body. Sometimes they recognize rights of a fetus...