5 abortions

I was young and scared. I wasn t married when I first became pregnant. My boyfriend wanted nothing to do with a baby. He said I should have an abortion. I don.
i have had four abortions in the past 5 years, twice due to stupidity and the other times from birth control failures.anyway, im in an emotionaly .
I have 5 nieces and 5 nephews by 3 older sisters.all depend on your body and how you been taking care of your body after all that abortions.
This pattern continued three more times for a total of six abortions. Each time. 5. That is exactly what they are doing: reinforcing abusive and .
Yes, I have had 5 abortions. I was always pro-choice but always felt that the guilt of not having a baby would 4ever outweigh the burden of having it. I believed .
Has anyone ever had multiple abortions and been able to concieve a child later? .Some women have 5-10 abortions, yet have 2-3 healthy .
Having three or more abortions raises risk of premature birth and.5. Click to rate. Anna, UK, 2 years ago. If you have 3 or more abortions you .
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Is Coca Cola and Pepsi still using baby fetus in their products?
Uh Diesel and Just Me are a pair of morons that live in a shell. Pepsi (not Coke) was using stem cells from aborted babies for taste testing experiments. Pepsi is no longer doing this.

How should the Supreme Court rule on the next abortion case it hears?
They should ban abortion completely, 1,500,000 abortions per year, 50,000,00 since 1973 By the way, and off topic Mr. hellafunguy In an earlier posting, I stated that Clinton was a convicted felon, this had nothing to do with his impeachment. Bill was convicted of a felony for failure to report...

Cheap or free abortions in south florida?
This is a great site that helps women find clinics and pay for abortions: Best of luck! **To the other two posters: Abortion isn't murder or killing a baby. Jeez.

Arizona's new ruling on Abortion?
This is a very dumb ruling that is going to have no real effect on abortions or adoptions in Arizona. It's another of those laws that sounds good (most people think that abortion for reasons of gender/race preference is morally questionable, even if they support legal abortion) but it also...

Why Do Christians Never Stand Up Against Murdering Abortion Doctors?
Christians encourage through prayer and donations to support those who do the murdering for them. That is why Christians in Uganda murder homosexuals while Christians in the USA encourage them to do so and they can feel all self-righteous about not actually committing the murders themselves...