Q: What are some other side affects after a d&c abortion?

A:best to call your doctor & find out. or take a some thing to release the pain.Read More »

Q: What is a D&C abortion like the one you have where they scrape ou...

A:Hi, Ella! Thanks for your question! If you're asking me what it's like as in "How was your experience?" I can not answer that question. I have never had any t...Read More »

Q: How much does a abortion cost in DC?

A:Medical from about $350 and then it goes up depending on how late and which procedure is used.Read More »

Q: What is the legal time limit for abortion in Washington DC?

A:Before 24 weeks. You find the clinics at abortion dot com.Read More »

Q: D&c (abortion due to miscarriage)?

A:You should follow the advice your doctor gives you specific to your body, but in general, you need to wait 2-4 weeks after an abortion to resume intercourse. Yo...Read More »

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We spoke out about abortion rights! In honor of Women s History Month, DCAF joined DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton for a round table on abortion .
How do I get funding for an abortion? Call DCAF s free, confidential helpline at 202-452-7464 and leave a voicemail for our case managers. Include your name .
Abortion clinic in Washington DC Potomac Family Planning Center offers SAFE, private abortion care in Washington DC. » - Other Services - Medical Abortion - Pregnancy Test
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A first trimester abortion is an abortion done up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.D Graphic Studio, 2112 F Street, N.W. Suite 400 Washington, D.C. (877) 659-9403 .
Visit Downtown Center for family planning services, including STD testing and abortions. Make an appointment with Planned Parenthood.
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How much do abortions cost in california ?
Don't judge you? You are 14, pregnant and wanting to kill your unborn baby. And what else would you call someone who kills another human being? You will be the mother to a dead baby. And you will have had killed your 1st baby before the age of 15. Great life achievement award! I'm sorry but...

How to cope with Post Abortion Syndrome?
I'm so sorry, Kari. I can only imagine how much you are hurting. You can count on me praying for you. I was just thinking, if you're interested, I know that you can receive post-abortion support from OptionLine if you call them at 1-800-712-4357. I have also heard that the website www.abortionchangesyou...

Can you get 2 abortions?
No one can keep you from getting another one if that is what you want to do about this pregnancy. The bottom line is that when an abortion has been conducted- legally, safely, professionally and providing there are no complications arising from it, there is no significant risk to the future...

What happens during abortions?
First of all, it's your choice, not anybody else's. If you choose to terminate the pregnancy do it ASAP. The sooner, the better. If you are in your first trimester [under 12 weeks], you'll get either a D&C or a vaccum suction abortion. The doctor or nurse will give you a sedative that will...

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To identify a party's platforms (in general- individual members may hold different views), you should pick some key political issues, and look at the stance that most members of the party have on it. Abortion - Most democrats support- most Republicans oppose it. Gun Control - Most Republicans...