Q: Where is John Mccain's hometown?

A:Phenix, ArizonaRead More »

Q: Who are john mccains kids?

A:They're Mehgan,"Jack", "Jimmy", Bridget, Andrew, and Sidney.Read More »

Q: What was john mccains highschool?

A:McCain attended Episcopal High School, a private preparatory boarding school inRead More »

Q: What is John Mccains plan?

A:John McCain's plan is to get elected president! If you would like more specific standRead More »

Q: Where was john mccain's father born?

A:Council Bluffs, IowaRead More »

john mccain - abortion

For a variety of reasons, in the 2000 primaries many conservatives had decided that George W. Bush was their man and John McCain couldn.
Senator John McCain, the former presidential candidate, is facing criticism from pro-life advocates over his call for a truce on abortion.
If Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion outlawed, McCain said he believes doctors who performed abortions would be prosecuted. “But I would not prosecute .
John McCain s platform and voting record on abortion and reproductive rights.
Summarizing McCain s Tragic Pro-abortion Record: John McCain s long support for killing unborn children should have obviously disqualified him from .
Announcer: As president, John McCain will make abortion illegal. McCain says quote, “I do not support Roe v. Wade. It should be overturned.”.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday urged members of his party to leave abortion discussions "alone," warning that focusing on the issue .
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How soon after abortion can you get pregnant?
You can begin ovulating as early as 2 weeks after an abortion and you should get a period 4-6 weeks after the abortion. If you don't get a period within 6 weeks, go to your doctor. Doing an at-home pregnancy test within 8 weeks or so of an abortion is not always reliable because you may still...

How Much does an Abortion cost?
First-trimester abortion typically costs anywhere between $300 and $950. The actual cost will depend on the clinic itself, whether or not it is a low-income clinic and how much money you make (these will often vary their fees on a sliding scale based on income, or can work out payment plans)...

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend wants me to get an abortion but I don't want to ?
Stay strong! He may not be ready for the responsibility, but asking you to abort your child as well as his- shows he's a coward who is afraid of responsibility and sees you as more of an object than a person. Don't let him turn you or your child into an object. If you need help or support look...