A:Because its the smart thing to do to help eliminate all the poor lazy liberal trash that tends to reproduce faster than successful responsible educated republic...Read More »

Q: What is Mitt Romney's position on abortion?

A:Romney's complete about-face on. abortion. from pro-choice to pro-life - has made him suspect, with advocates on both sides critical of his views. In his unsucc...Read More »

Q: What is mitt romneys thought on abortion?

A:I don't have any idea. When campaigning for governor of Massachusetts, he was pro-choice. During the primaries for the GOP nomination, he said he'd nominate Sup...Read More »

Q: Mitt Romney Abortion Flip, AGAIN?

A:He flip-flops almost daily on this issue, depending on where he's speaking. If he's talking to a group of women, he's all for their right to control their own b...Read More »

Q: Mitt Romney Abortion Flip, AGAIN?

A:I haven't lost anything. Psychological projection is rather unhealthy you know. What I inferred was absolutely correct, and it was backed up by your own facts.....Read More »

mitt romney abortion

Someone watching the latest ads about Mitt Romney s position on abortion could rightly feel confused. On the one hand, an ad from the .
2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney on Abortion. Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
The political positions of Mitt Romney have been recorded from his 1994 U.S. 3.1.1 Abortion- 3.1.2 Personhood legislation- 3.1.3 Embryonic stem-cell research . Economic policy - Foreign policy - Social policy - See also
Mitt Romney s stance on abortion came under scrutiny this week after the GOP challenger said he would not make abortion-related legislation .
Former Fact Checker columnist Michael Dobbs created a detailed list back in 2007 that details Mitt Romney s flip-flops on the abortion issue.
With Democrats exploiting Mitt Romney s inconsistency on abortion, he tried to clarify his position in a new ad.
ROMNEY: First, in RomneyCare, there s no mention of abortion whatsoever. Mitt said that when he s asked whether he will "preserve and protect" a woman.
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