Q: Abortion laws in US...?

A:I'm doing a project in school, and abortion is my topic. In the United States, does the nation make one law stating abortion is legal/illegal, or do the states ...Read More »

Q: What are the laws on abortion in the US?

A:ABORTION LAWS. THE CURRENT LAWS ON abortion are many and complex. To really answer all your questions I would suggest the following website: More »

Q: Why are European abortion laws stricter than US and Canada aborti...

A:Our Leftists care less about human life. More concerned with libertine rights for themselves. An attitude kinda like a spoiled kid screaming "YOU DO NOT LOVE ME...Read More »

Q: Abortion Laws in the U.S.

A:A vast majority of states require that abortions be performed by licensed physicians. Some states also require that abortions be performed in hospitals. In some...Read More »

Q: What are the current laws about abortion in the US?

A:Abortion is legal in all states with some differences depending on the state. I added a link where you can seek on each state to see their law.Read More »

abortion law us

[edit]. Since 1995, led by Congressional Republicans, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have moved . Abortion in the United States - Planned Parenthood v. Casey
[edit]. Abortion laws in the U.S. prior to Roe. Illegal. Legal in case of rape. Legal in case of danger to woman.
have constructed a lattice work of abortion law, codifying, regulating and limiting .The following table highlights the major provisions of these state laws.
After weeks of wrangling over anti-abortion language, Senate leadership announced a deal Tuesday to move forward on a bill to stem human .
An overview of the history and legality of abortion in the United States.
Women in the United States haven t always had the right to an abortion. Before 1973, individual states were allowed to decide whether abortion would be legal .
The Supreme Court s decision in the 1972 case of Roe v. Wade was -- and is still -- the most important decision affecting abortion in the United States. Roe made .
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