4 abortions can i get pregnant

Find out if having undergone an abortion could affect your ability to conceive.
Risk: Repeated abortions can make future pregnancies problematic,.had had three or more abortions had an increased risk of four problems .
After abortion, a female can get pregnant- however, it is recommended to take. avoid using vaginal stuff such as douches, tampons or sex for 2 to 4 weeks.
My biggest concern is my ability to carry a pregnancy to term in 4 to 5 the past indicates you are fertile and you can most likely get pregnant again.
1: Women need waiting periods so they can be sure they really want an abortion. .Mandatory delays just make it harder for a woman to get an abortion,.an abortion is so much fun that she gets pregnant just to have one.
Could a past termination make it more difficult to get pregnant?.For a termination which involves a surgical procedure: there s a four in 1,000 chance of the .
Abortions can be performed either surgically or medically.If this interferes with later attempts to get pregnant, it is often possible to repair this medically.
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What are the implications of the Catholic belief of abortion?
Honestly, why does it matter what any generalized organized religion believes about a political issue? The matter is decided through political process and presently is a legal procedure. It is not only Catholics who don't support abortion. It is not only religious who don't support abortion...

Spiritually speaking, how is it that the kind of people who are against abortion "right to life"?
I suspect the main problem is that "right to live" people think of the world in black and white and think that humans always have a choice in a matter. So women who get pregnant choose for the risk or to be so, but a fetus hasn't had the chance to choose anything so it must be protected. Similarly...

Mifepristone/Abortion Pill/Misoprostol?
This procedure almost always works as planned. If it doesn't, then the doctor will finish the abortion. Don't you believe that god is merciful and will understand? One out of every three women have an abortion or miscarriage by the age of 45. It doesn't seem like god is shunning one-third of...

Isn't allowing abortion for rape victims, but not out of choice contradictory?
While I am pro-choice and agree that unwanted pregnancy is a violation of a woman and forced pregnancy is traumatic, I don't think anybody can claim that it is similar in severity to that of a woman with a pregnancy resulting from rape- this is where the difference lies. 31% of rape victims...

What is natural abortion :]?
people call it a natural abortion BUT its also called a miscarriage. Basically your body is disagreeing with the pregnancy and is doing what it can to terminate it. thats a natural abortion(miscarriage). NO it isnt good because chances are that the next time you get prego it will happen again...