Q: Are there any pro-choice people against 2nd and/or 3rd term abort...

A:your ethics are your own. no one can tell you what you believe. get in to your deepest part of your guts, if you feel you must; the instincts that haunt you in ...Read More »

Q: Should a woman who has a 3rd term abortion without a valid medica...

A:Because being pro-life is all about not killing, right? I'm all about abortion rights, but waiting until the kid is viable outside the womb to kill it isn't ver...Read More »

Q: Will i be able to carry a normal full term pregnancy "IF" i get t...

A:Hello, Amber, I am glad you are not pregnant. However, that said, I don't advise that you get the Mirena. Here is a list of the possible side effects. " Acne...Read More »

Q: What is term in 3rd grade math?

A:3rd grade math.Read More »

Q: What does the term '3rd party' refer to?

A:A "third party" is one that doesn't have a direct involvement with a particular event or transaction. For instance, a third party seller on eBay sells their ite...Read More »

3rd term abortion

Late-term abortions are more controversial than abortion in general because the .The third JAMA article chose the third trimester, or 27th week of gestation. Definition - Incidence - Reasons - Legal restrictions
Currently, this late-term abortion process is in use in pregnancies as late as 35. Other abortionists also use this process in the second and third trimesters but .
Third trimester or late term abortions are not legal in a number of states except in certain medical situations. The time frame referred to as late term is often based .
Colorado late term abortion clinic, first trimester abortion, second trimester and third trimester abortion clinics, teen pregnancy abortion, medical abortion clinic, .
No matter the case, the decision to undergo a late-term abortion is a.only four doctors continued to provide third trimester abortions openly in .
Although the vast majority of states restrict later-term abortions, many of these restrictions.3 states impose prohibitions in the third trimester.
Even at a rate of 1%, third-trimester abortions would add up to over 9,000 a year. However, statistics on the number of late-term abortions are .
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the nuvaring IS a female condom, and NO you cannot insert it yourself, the doctor has to do it, and you cand keep it inside for 30 days. That is when the dr. will have to take it out and re-insert another one. You are probably going to hear suggestions from your dr. on hoe to frequently check...

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research!!!! Come up with 3 point you want to make. 1. what abortion is (what happens to the baby when it is aborted) and why the procedure is wrong 2. what happens to mothers/families when they decide to have an abortion (most are emotionally tramatized, they hear babies cry, etc.) 3. to you...

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Reducing the abortion limit or treating premmie babies earlier?
I am with you I think it is crule and heartless to put them on ventilators and force them to live. Maybe they just want to go back tot he source, where there wasn't any pain or bright lights. I don't think the age limit for abortion should be lowwered using viability as the reason to lower...