Q: Abortion Pill vs Surgical abortion?

A:My best friend had a surgical abortion when she was 18, a few years before we met. She had a college scholarship and didn't feel she could tell her mom. She doe...Read More »

Q: Abortion pill vs surgical abortion. need opinions or women or you...

A:I would talk to a doctor, but I really encourage you to keep the baby. As 1 of 9 kids, I know that kids are a blessing, not a burden. I know it might be hard no...Read More »

Q: Surgical Abortion vs. Abortion Pill ...?

A:My Experience Two years ago I had an abortion at 5 weeks gestation. Let me be clear that the abortion procedure itself was not bad and I am incredibly thankful ...Read More »

Q: Early Surgical Vs. Pill Abortion.

A:A medical abortion involves administering an abortion medication and is done by the eighth week of pregnancy. The choices include Mifepristone or Mifeprex. Typi...Read More »

Q: Is the pill abortion better then the surgical?

A:Had to delete the fake story posted since all the facts were wrong and clearly the story as well. Yes an early abortion is always better but it's the doctor dec...Read More »

abortion pill vs. surgical abortion

Reasons to Choose a Suction Curettage (Surgical) Abortion.One to three days after swallowing the first medication, you will place into your vagina another .
x. Medical Abortion with Mifepristone or Mifeprex. Surgical Vacuum Aspiration Abortion. How far along in the pregnancy can I be? Up to 8 weeks (49 days) for .
A medical abortion done by abortion pill has a success rate.for the same reasons as others suggest: taking a pill at home vs having "surgery" .
Medical Abortion (sometimes called Mifeprex™, RU-486, non-surgical abortion, or abortion using a pill) is a way to end a pregnancy with medication. It is an .
Myths and misunderstandings exist about the procedure -- so here are some facts about medical (also called medication or non-surgical) .
A COMPARISON OF MEDICAL vs SURGICAL ABORTION. Medical.You then use misoprostol pills at home that cause your uterus to contract and push out the .
Learn about the comparisons of medical and surgical abortion.
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Does medicaid pay for birth control? Pills? IUD's? Abortion? Sterilization?
Medicaid does pay for birth control pills. In some states, Medicaid will also cover abortion (some with restrictions, some with no restrictions). As far as other birth control methods, it varies by the state. I know WI and UT cover tying tubes. MN previously only covered it if it was unsafe...

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Can the abortion pill be sent to south korea? and administerd by a doctor here?
If you need the abortion pill, I suggest you check out the Women on Web website: This online medical abortion service helps women gain access to a safe abortion with pills in order to reduce the number of deaths due to unsafe abortions. If you send away for the abortion...