Q: Mens abortion rights?

A:i understand to an extent the questions you are asking yourself - and i would wager other men have wondered the same kinds of things. it is reasonable to figure...Read More »

Q: Not giving MEN abortion rights actually HURTS women?

A:When women choose to disobey current law, like abandoning babies after birth, they work to make the indefensible legal. This is why it is currently legal in mos...Read More »

Q: Should Men Have the Right to a "Financial Abortion"?

A:Matt Dubay was told by his girlfriend that she was physically incapable of becoming pregnant. She understood well that he didn't want children. But shortly afte...Read More »

Q: Should men have the right to force an abortion??

A:I'll assume you are asking what should happen in those rare cases where a woman actually tricks their partner, into allowing her to get pregnant, for example de...Read More »

Q: What is A fathers rights in abortion?

A:Unfortunately, none.Read More »

mens abortion rights

[edit]. Whether a male has a legal right to advance his personal interest, whether it be toward abortion, .
Is an abortion ever morally wrong because it transgresses the father s rights?. that she intends to have an abortion- In men attempted in the UK .
Central to the political agenda of men s rights activists is floating the idea that men somehow have a "right" to an abortion, or more accurately a .
But for years, men s rights organizations have protested the legal double standard that allows women the unilateral power to decide to abort a .
Her partner may be the first person a woman turns to when she discovers she is pregnant and so his .
Men and Abortion. Abortion has many victims, and one of them is the father of the child. The laws of the United States do not acknowledge the right a father to .
Isn t it time men were given a voice in such important matters, eclipses all previous attempts to assert any rights of men in abortion.
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The constitution and abortion...?
Since abortion is not specifically outlined in the Constitution as part of the Federal Government's powers, you may refer to the 10th amendment that reserves all other powers to the states. The 10th amendment allows for states to come up with individual restrictions on abortion.

Even if we agree on almost nothing else can pro-life/pro-choice at least agree that the current abortion rate?
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Possible failed abortion?!?
If you had a surgical abortion, and didn't bleed much afterwards, that is pretty normal. The surgery removes all the products of conception so there is often no bleeding afterwards, or very little. If you had a medical abortion, ie you took some pills, you would expect to bleed and have cramps...

Is a third trimester abortion actually legal anywhere in the United States of America
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