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PRO-LIFE Cartoons. Picture.Perhaps, if we legalize terrorism, we wouldn t mind the thousands slaughtered by terrorists. After all, we legalized abortion and no .
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Comic/Cartoon: Clay Bennett s Editorial Cartoons. Viewable Date: 2013-01-24, Pub. Date: 2013-01-23. Image Number: 92760. Caption: Life isn t fair! Pro-life.
Pro-Life comic book by Dan Lawlis-ORANGE PEEL 3-page 1. image. Click here to continue to the article or video. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend. Posted by Dan .
LOCAL OH Heartbeat Bill Political Cartoons, Comics, Editorial Commentary on the latest news, politics, cartoon memes and events around the .
ACLU Mocks Anti-Abortion Movement With Cartoons. Long-form comic characterizes stealth attack by Republicans. (Courtesy of the ACLU).
Popular Q&A

Why did North Carolina legislators ban abortions and ban sharia law?
Because apparently the Constitution isn't enough to stop Sharia sympathizers. Ridiculous I know, when we have to go through such extreme measure just to make sure our human rights are guaranteed. The abortion thing is just a state issue. That's North Carolina's problem and by the look of it...

Rap song about abortion, where the woman wants to keep the baby?
Lost Ones - J.Cole That one comes to mind.

What is the catholic church's stance on abortion?
Catholics believe that from the moment of conception until natural death, each human being is endowed by God with dignity and rights. Therefore abortion is viewed as the murder of an innocent and defenseless human being. You shall not kill. (Ex 20:13- cf. Deut 5:17) Before I formed you in the...

Has North Dakota restored sanity to the abortion debate?
Since there is only one abortion provider in the entire state they just opened themselves up to whole bunch of class action lawsuits by women who wanted to get abortions in the small time frame allowed but couldn't bc there is only one abortion provider in the entire...

Would I have a healthy pregnancy after another abortion?
Abortions, even several of them, do not significantly increase the risk of problems during a future pregnancy. But staying with a man who is abusive and psycho does put your health (and life) at serious risk, so you need to get OUT of that relationship. Now.