Q: Need help with a Pro abortion speech for school?

A:"Forgetting" to use birth control is no excuse when it comes to something like this. Still, because in this situation, it has already happened. There are 2 ways...Read More »

Q: How would you start a speech that is pro abortion?

A:Something surprising. Like, "Abortion is abhorrent. Let it sink in. "Yes, the need for abortion is repugnant. Pause another second or two. "But ripping away a w...Read More »

Q: Wiil Obama's new Supreme court Justice be pro abortion, pro gay m...

A:He'll try. But SCOTUS Justices have a way of being independent. Once they're sworn in, they're guaranteed to have that job forever, so the President or Congress...Read More »

Q: When obama won the election and he had is chicago speech, michell...

A:It is not her (if it is actually a "her" as there is speculation) clothes. Michelle Obama is disturbing to people.Read More »

pro-abortion speech

Read the speech Brendan O Neill was banned from making at Oxford.The irony is terrible: they present themselves as pro-choice but want to .
Lia Mills is a student pro-life activist who surprised her class with a moving speech on abortion that is so good it s gone viral on the Internet.
Free Essays on Pro Abortion Persuasive Speech for students. Use our papers to help you with yours.
The 45-year-old actor gave a moving speech at a rally for abortion rights in Jackson, Mississippi this weekend, opening up about his mother.
This is the speech on abortion that an Oxford University mob doesn t want. movement compelled me, reluctantly, to read pro-life literature.
According to Stop Patriarchy, Mark Ruffalo sent a speech to be read at an abortion rights rally this weekend in Mississippi in which he .
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Is there any where you can get a free abortion in new york preferred Bronx new york?
I don't know of any clinics in the area, but if you go to any medical clinic or hospital they can refer you. You might also try Planned Parenthood as they may subsidize the cost of the abortion. Parental consent is not required for an abortion procedure. If all else fails, cross the border...

Where can i go to get a free professional pregant test.... around the 60153 zip code?
Planned Parenthood Austin Health Center 5937 W Chicago Chicago, IL 60651 1-800-230-PLAN (1-800-230-7526) to find the Planned Parenthood clinic nearest you. If you are underage it will mostly likely be free and it's always confidential. If you are...

Why so many abortions?
I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know what you are going through I had a m/c at 16 weeks. And I needed a D&C. I never got the chance to hold my baby. I am pro choice because I can't tell someone else what is right or wrong for them. I can only control what happens in my life. Yes it is...

Late term abortion facts?
The reasons for a third-trimester abortion were: * In 40%, an earlier test indicated that a defect existed but not how serious it was. Doctors delayed and re-tested to see if the defect was serious enough to be life-threatening. Some genetic conditions can be mild or severe, so to prevent unnecessary...

First of all, your link is from the National Right to Life organization. The information is biased and of course will not be all factual. If you're going to site a source it would do you well to site something legitimate, like the CDC. There you will get scientific and medical facts regarding...