Q: Anyone else completly outraged about 32 week abortion question?

A:To be honest, that sounds more like a fake question just to get people mad. A lot of people I think come on here and ask aomething about abortion to start an ar...Read More »

Q: Why abortion cannot be done at 32 weeks of gestation?

A:Because after 24 weeks they are viable which means they can have a chance to live outside your body which makes the fetus a person on it's own with the same rig...Read More »

Q: Can I get an abortion at 32 weeks?

A:I was excited to have a baby, but then I saw pictures of some really bad stretch marks, and now I don't want the baby anymore!! I can't have disgusting stretch ...Read More »

Q: What week abortion occurs?

A:Most common (95% is in the first trimester. How long it's legal depends on where you live but usually not further 24 weeks since the fetus is viable then.Read More »

Q: How to Care for an Infant Under 32 Weeks.

A:1. Hold the baby close and look into her face while smiling and talking to her in a light voice. Bonding between child and caregiver is extremely important to h...Read More »

32 week abortion

A third visit about 2 weeks later determines whether the abortion has occurred or a.This procedure is used to abort women who are 20 to 32 weeks pregnant, .
Used to abort unborn children as old as 24 weeks, this method is similar to the D&C.This procedure is used to abort women who are 20 to 32 weeks pregnant .
[3] Surgical abortions are usually not performed before seven weeks, or 49. This procedure is used to abort women who are 20 to 32 weeks pregnant -- or .
Abortions done after 20 weeks are usually done by some type of chemical to induce labor early, either with.Performed up to 32 weeks or beyond. ABORTION .
On August 11, post-abortive pro-life advocate Kelly Clinger wrote an article that included a picture of a woman pregnant with 20 week old twins .
Hi I m 32 weeks pregnant and I have decided to have an abortion at this late stage because I have just found out the foetus has a cleft lip and I .
Honestly, I didn t even know that abortions were legal that far along in pregnancy. Watch the video and let me know how it makes YOU feel.
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Do you see the abortion analogy here, Politics?
I would support none of those things. But I see no analogy here on abortion. This is so muddled I am not sure what side of the debate you are on. Be that as it may, the state may not compel you to do anything you do not want to do with your body that is as invasive as organ donation or blood...

What do you think about adult entertainment & abortion clinics have the same prices ?
Maybe you should also factor in the price of whatever it is you are smoking. Richard

Abortion Regret . . . .?
If you get an abortion, it is likely because you decide it is the best thing to do at that time. That doesn't mean that you don't ever want to have children. I know that terminating a pregnancy can lead to immediate depression. This depression is caused by the dramatic change in hormones...

Why is abortion so expensive?
Abortion is not included in Obamacare, hopefully in the future. Someone lied to you. The Republicans would never have let it pass if it was. It's birth control that is included. If you don't qualify for Medicaid there are private funds you can turn to and you find them at

In Atlanta, abortion is legal up to 26 weeks. Why isn't infanticide legal up to 26 weeks in Atlanta?
I am not familiar with the law in Atlanta but I know a tiny bit about fetal development. I am pretty sure you can't elect to have an abortion in the second trimester (12 weeks-24 weeks) . You can decide to have an abortion in the first trimester if you wish but as times progresses on doctors...