Q: Why are almost half of all pregnancies ended by abortion? Do the ...

A:Most are black babies so nobody cares.Read More »

Q: Why are Pro Abortion women so "boisterous, loud and obnoxious" in...

A:Fear. They are afraid that some pseudo-religious whacko will set off a bomb while they are there. They also object to nut-cases dictating what happens with thei...Read More »

Q: Is it IRONIC to celebrate a pro-abortion president's BIRTHday?

A:It being ironic would imply that someone who's pro-choice is simply saying to kill all children. He's just saying people should get to choose in the off chance ...Read More »

Q: Are the pro-abortion people on here excited about Sara Silverman ...

A:you know what, you are portably a male and therefore will never have to go though that type of decision to make. Also it is what is considered right, first of a...Read More »

pro-abortion celebrities

Hollywood celebrities often star in films and TV shows that feature pro-life plot lines. Unfortunately, these pro-life messages don t follow them .
List of Celebrities Who Had Abortions, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. An abortion is the termination of pregnancy by the removal of a fetus. The practice .
Celebrities on Both Sides Get Real About the reality that despite anyone s pro-choice or pro-life stance, the decision to have .
We love when celebrities are loud and proud about being pro-choice! But who says that women celebs are the only ones that have pro-choice pride? Check out .
10 Pro-Choice Celebrities. 1. Tweet this.Given the choice between a team of two football players or a 124-pound mother of four, smart gamblers would pu.
While there is no shortage of pro-abortion celebrities, there are some celebrities in the entertainment industry who are unafraid to stand for the .
This has shaped Nicholson s view on abortion, making him one of the few pro-life celebrities.” “I m very contra my constituency in terms of .
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Pro-choice or pro-abortion, funny how some think there is a difference, if you think there is, explain?
There is no difference in being pro-choice and being pro-abortion. It was the pro-abortion crowd that coined the phrase "pro-choice." They are pro having a legal "choice" on whether to kill their babies at their own discretion and for their own convenience, or not. But now there are some who...

Controversy over the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood...?
You say that you see Planned Parenthood as an organization that cares about family planning and sexual safety -- which is correct. So why go on about "questionable associations" and comparisons to Hitler? The Girl Scouts are a good organization, and Planned Parenthood is a good organization...

How is abortion an example of market failure?
I have a feeling that your instructor has another agenda besides the "economics" of abortion. I'm not an economist or any kind of professional - but I fail to see what a controversial medical procedure has to do with economics. There are people out there who would have you believe that abortion...

Are there risks to abortion?
I have never heard of any connection between abortion and cancer,very rarely there is a risk that the procedure may affect future fertility or the ability to carry a child to term but these risks are extremely low and often get exaggerated by people who are against abortion when in reality...

Which type of abortion method gives less pain comparitively at 6w4d pregnant?
They told the SAME thing to my mom about me. The doctor told her either she had an abortion in the doctors office or an abortion on her own because either way I wasn't going to make it. Here I am 18 years later perfectly healthy :)