Q: What is the best abortion pills for 3weeks pregnant?

A:3 weeks is too late for emergency contraception pills. There are, however, a variety of prescription abortion pills (depending on location, they may be availabl...Read More »

Q: Bleeding 3 weeks after abortion pill uterus not clean what shoul...

A:Call your doctor and relax.Read More »

Q: Where do you get abortion pill in GA at 3 weeks?

A:Go to abortion,com and click on your state. There you find all clinics for abortion in the US. If you need help with funding you find all private funds at funda...Read More »

Q: Can I take the abortion pill at 3 weeks pregnant?

A:I cannot believe the people on here. Please ignore them! You have come on here to get your question answered and for some advice not abuse! The abortion pill ef...Read More »

Q: How to abort a 2 week pregnancy by herbs or pills?

A:You might be able to induce your period (and therefore stop a fertilized egg from implanting) by using parsely or vitamin C. Details and people's experiences ar...Read More »

3 week abortion pill

Click here to download The abortion pill up to 9 weeks section from the bpas guide.You will return to the clinic anywhere from 6 hours up to 3 days later. At this .
an ultrasound scan (if there is any doubt about how many weeks pregnant you. On your first visit you will be given an abortion pill called mifepristone, which .
Abortions can be performed as early as an intra-uterine pregnancy can be identified by ultrasound, which is usually about 3-4 weeks after your Last Menstrual .
The abortion pill is a medicine that ends an early pregnancy. In general, it is used up to 63 days — 9 weeks — after the first day of a woman s last period. (A few .
Abortion Pill In most cases, the abortion pill ends pregnancy safely and.or at our office in 2-3 weeks is recommended only if you are having any problems. 3.
If I am roughly three or four weeks pregnant, could I go to the clinic and get the abortion pill or is it too early? If yes, will it be as painful as people .
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Effect of abortion which has done by medicines
positive effects of abortion done by medicine, 1)no instruments have to use. 2)dilatation and curatage(D AND C) complications are excluded. negative effects of abortion done by medicine, 1)all material of conception may not come out. 2) intact material of conception in uterus may cause A) infection...

How many abortions are there in America per year?
Ignore the provoking answers. The correct answer is: In the USA- 1,3 million a year. Worldwide: 43 million

Do you agree with this point about abortion?
The bible actually does not explicitly forbid abortion, ever. It contains all sorts of specific details about the most personal aspects of life, including food, clothing, and hair, but it never once mentions you can't have an abortion. Then again, the bible does seem to be pretty much okay...

Pro-Choice - Abortion Advocate Question?
Psalms 139:13-17.....13. For you yourself produced my kidneys: You kept me screened off in the belly of my mother. 14.... I shall laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, As my soul is very well aware. bones were not hidden from you...

Are abortions really as painful physically as people say i am against it tho?
YES!!! It is the most painful experience that I have ever gone through in my entire life. They give you pain pills and a shot but you feel everything. I had an abortion 5 days ago and I nearly passed out from the pain. Its a pretty fast proceedure, but when you are in pain and screaming for...