Q: I need 3 MAIN reasons for why abortion should be LEGAL?

A:when abortion was not legal, women died from the alternatives, dirty knives in back alleys, and only the worst doctors would do it cause it made doctors crimina...Read More »

Q: What are the reasons why legallization of abortion in the Philipp...

A:Whether we legalize abortion or not, the reality is, it continuously exists. Since it is illegal in the Philippines, the more women sort to underground process ...Read More »

Q: Why should abortion not be legal?

A:Abortion should be illegal because it is the murdering of a baby. They baby has no say in the decision and must experience an undeserving death because of their...Read More »

Q: What are osme reasons why abortion should be legal?

A:•rape. •incest rape. •if there is something medically wrong that the doctor says will cause you to die during childbirth. •if it is rape and the person raped is...Read More »

Q: Why should abortion be legal/illegal?

A:Too often in this debate, proponents for each side just seem to be talking *past* each other, as opposed to actually engaging. The reason? A. failure to define ...Read More »

3 reasons why abortion should be legal

Wade in , nearly 53 million legal abortions were.[3] The mortality rate of a colonoscopy is more than 40 times greater than that of an abortion.from abortion clinics (because they had passed the gestational limit imposed .
3. The argument against abortion is a moral argument which is subject.Legal simply because it is a choice, and what grows inside your body .
Here are the critical questions: Should the penalty for lack of knowledge or even for a.Just go to google and type in "9 reasons abortion must stay legal".3. 2. 2 .Reply ». Report Abuse Judge it! LILJON. Fort Valley, GA.
When is abortion legal? Birth control and disability.Abortion for social reasons is usually least acceptable to opponents. Top.However some doctors do argue that abortion should be part of a country s contraception policy. They say that a .
Best Answer: It should be legal because: 1. Only whack jobs really consider a fetus a living being. 2. It is no ones choice but the womans. 3.
Belgium is already on the path to extending legal murder through its legalization of euthanasia – even child euthanasia. History shows that .
3. A woman is more than a fetus. There is a tremendous spectrum of.In short, abortion is legal for two main reasons: Because women have .
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For what sick reason would anyone want to watch this?

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