Q: How to abort 3 months pregnant?

A:well you'll need to do it quickly. It's been quite a while. You'll need to get a surgical abortion, so go to Planned Parenthood, or go to your GP and ask for a ...Read More »

Q: Is it safe to be pregnant after 3 months after abortion?

A:Yes it's safe. You have healed a long time ago.Read More »

Q: I'm 3 months pregnant and having an abortion, What's the procedur...

A:listen im against abortion. but if girls decide they want to do it let them. at the end of the day u had sex knew u were going to get pregnant and now u want to...Read More »

Q: What is the best medicine to take to abort the 3 months pregnant?

A:You are past 9 weeks which means it has to be done by surgery, not medicine.Read More »

Q: If 3 months pregnant how would the abortion be done?

A:Not MedRead More »

3 months pregnant abortion

A pregnancy can be removed from the womb by a trained health worker in.This kind of abortion is safe to do during the first 12 weeks (3 months) of pregnancy. Abortion by suction (vacuum. - Abortion by scraping (dilation.
These 2 types of abortion are usually done in the first trimester (the first 3 months) of the pregnancy. They are performed by a doctor and other health care .
Most women have abortions in the first trimester (the first 3 months of pregnancy). A few abortions occur in the second trimester (4 to 6 months of pregnancy).
Before you look at the pictures of the babies aborted at 3 months,.to verify how far along the pregnancies were for the clinic s paperwork.
Misoprostol still works after 12 weeks of pregnancy but the chance of had a miscarriage, as women can be prosecuted for having an abortion.After 3 hours she should put another 4 pills of Misoprostol under the tongue.
When an unborn baby has developed to 3 months, so much has already started to.The third month of pregnancy is a "reasonable" cut off time for abortion .
is it posible to abort wit a pills ? and how ## There are not really any medications that are proven effective and safe to use that far into your .
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