Q: Do 2nd trimester abortions hurt?

A:It depends upon the doctor performing the procedure and the medications they give you. Do no listen to those who say it's "murder". It is impossible for it to b...Read More »

Q: What are New Mexico's laws regarding 2nd trimester abortions?

A:call the national abortion federation. The NAF Hotline is available to answer any questions you may have about abortion, unintended pregnancy, or related issues...Read More »

Q: Where can you get a 2nd trimester abortion near kansas?

A:There is a place in Oklahoma City that offers abortions up to 24 weeks. They also offer IV sedation. Outpatient Services for Women: (405) 722-9500.Read More »

Q: How Much Does A 2nd Trimester Abortion Cost?

A:A lot if you can even get it done,many won't perform this unless the baby has a congenital defect such as down syndrome, etc.. Have you considered adopting the ...Read More »

Q: Does anyone know the estimate cost of having a 2nd trimester abor...

A:How dare these people judge you & make nasty comments. If they don't have an answer, they shouldn't even respond. In some states late term abortion is legal und...Read More »

2nd trimester abortion

Second trimester surgical abortion is performed for elective abortion, miscarriage management and for pregnancy termination due to fetal anomalies and .
many women need abortions beyond that.There are many different reasons why women need 2nd trimester abortions, all of which are completely valid.
Abortion in the second trimester - from 13 to 24 weeks - is generally performed using a procedure called Dilation & Evacuation (D&E). The D&E procedure is .
Late abortion clinic Boulder Abortion Clinic in Colorado, abortion prices, first trimester abortion, second trimester abortion clinic, and third trimester abortion clinic .
Surgical Abortion – Second Trimester 12 to 21.6 Weeks. Our Process to Prepare You. When you arrive at Philadelphia Women s Center, you will be treated with .
Second trimester abortion available at FPA Chicago abortion clinics. Family Planning Associates Medical Group offer second trimester abortion services.
Abortion: What abortion procedures are used during the first trimester? In most. The types of abortion procedures performed during the second trimester are:.
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Can you give me any facts on abortion to prove its wrong?
A rarely coved "abortion topic" is the fact there is nothing medically different between a natural and artificial abortion. Meaning all of us who have suffered a natural abortion have enough on out plate, without all the anti-abortion hate-mongering. IF all the anti-abortion claims had any...

Under what conditions could Dr. George Tiller perform a late term abortion?
I think it's disgusting how the right wingers are demonizing Dr. Tiller and lying about under what circumstances he performed abortions. I guess it isn't enough that all their hate and vitriol for anyone who is pro-choice contributed to his murder.

Medical abortion experience?
@The Irish Duckie " Put to sleep for 1st one, awake for the second?!!" That's disgusting - get some birth control you absolute moron. I can't believe you didn't learn from your mistakes after the first abortion!! Grow up. Anyway, to answer your question.

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Do i have take doxycycline after abortion?
I took doxycycline for Acne a long time ago, and found that I could never keep it down. I would take it along with all my other medicine and would throw it up right after. That is a side effect of it, if it continues - call your doctor.