Q: Does anyone know the estimate cost of having a 2nd trimester abor...

A:How dare these people judge you & make nasty comments. If they don't have an answer, they shouldn't even respond. In some states late term abortion is legal und...Read More »

Q: Where can you get a 2nd trimester abortion near kansas?

A:There is a place in Oklahoma City that offers abortions up to 24 weeks. They also offer IV sedation. Outpatient Services for Women: (405) 722-9500.Read More »

Q: What are New Mexico's laws regarding 2nd trimester abortions?

A:call the national abortion federation. The NAF Hotline is available to answer any questions you may have about abortion, unintended pregnancy, or related issues...Read More »

Q: What are the some reasons for a late 2nd and 3rd trimester aborti...

A:if its not a life threating condition where the baby isnt healthy and may die even then i think it should be left into fates hands, used to be pro choice but af...Read More »

Q: Third Trimester Abortion Procedures.

A:Also called a D&C, this is a procedure that can also be used in the second trimester of pregnancy (13 to 24 weeks). This option works best when the pregnancy is...Read More »

2nd trimester abortion procedure

Second trimester surgical abortion is performed for elective abortion, miscarriage management and for pregnancy termination due to fetal anomalies and .
Abortion: What abortion procedures are used during the first trimester? In most. The types of abortion procedures performed during the second trimester are:.
Three or four day outpatient procedure. Second trimester abortion (up to 26 weeks) patients also receive an ultrasound-screening exam at the very beginning of .
A second visit to the clinic may be required to complete your procedure. In general, earlier second trimester abortions require a one day procedure and later .
Second trimester abortion (13 to 24 weeks) is done at our abortion clinic in Jamaica with a very safe surgical procedure. This procedure is done in two stages .
Second trimester abortion available at FPA Chicago abortion clinics.Second Trimester Abortion Instructions (One-Day Procedure ONLY) – Washington Blvd.
If the procedure is done in an operating room, you could receive a.Risks are higher for surgical abortions done in the second trimester of .
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What gives abortion doctors the right to murder?
I'm reading many inaccuracies in the answers to your questions. The human fetus is not "a part of the mother", and removing a fetus is not like "cutting off a finger". Human fetuses often have different blood types than the mother, and they have a unique chromosomal make-up, unlike that of...

How many abortions result in hysterectomy?
None. A few small number of women have difficulty conceiving after getting an abortion because of poorly performed D&C's. The vacuum method does not cause uterine scaring and therefore usually does not affect fertility. The number of women who have difficulty conceiving as a result of an abortion...

Has anyone taken Misoprostol before a D&C?
Misoprostol is used for medical abortions instead of surgical evacuation of the contents of the uterus. It is less invasive and doesn't leave the uterine scarring that can cause infertility that the surgical abortion could. It is cheaper and less complicated. It also causes contractions and...

Medical Abortion walkthrough?
Mifepristone/Misoprostol On her first visit, following examination, counseling and signed permission, a woman undergoing a medical abortion takes mifepristone (600 mg)by mouth. This generally causes few noticeable symptoms. (A small percentage of women, however, usually less than 5%, will have...

Abortion pill at 22 weeks?
I know you're probably in a tough situation. I can understand that you're overwhelmed, but as the other answers said most doctors won't even give you an abortion at this point. I don't know what a large amount of the abortion pill would do, it would be really dangerous for sure and would...