Q: The Supreme Court today knocked out 30 yrs of women's right 2 hea...

A:Anyone down for some pizza?Read More »

Q: Are there any pro-choice people against 2nd and/or 3rd term abort...

A:your ethics are your own. no one can tell you what you believe. get in to your deepest part of your guts, if you feel you must; the instincts that haunt you in ...Read More »

Q: Is a 2nd abortion bad?

A:No don't do it. It's as bad as the first. Your killing a person. If the doctor just forgets to make the baby come out feet first you can be charged for murder. ...Read More »

Q: What is the term for my 2nd cousin's child?

A:You and your second cousin's child are second cousins once removed to each other.Read More »

Q: What is late term abortion?

A:Time Frame. An abortion is typically considered late-term if it happens after week 20 of pregnancy, though opinions differ about when an abortion can be conside...Read More »

2nd term abortion

Second trimester surgical abortion is performed for elective abortion,.placed in the cervix, depending on the term of the pregnancy and your medical history.
Late Term Abortion.Abortion in the second trimester - from 13 to 24 weeks - is generally performed using a procedure called Dilation & Evacuation (D&E). The D&E procedure is different from a 1st trimester abortion in a number of ways.
Late-term abortions are more controversial than abortion in general because. laws are under permanent injunction) require a second physician to approve.
Choices Women s Medical Center is one of the few clinics that provides abortion services up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Although over 90 percent of all abortions .
The age group most likely to receive a second trimester abortion were.low levels of education might have later term abortions because of a .
Home > Stories > My Late-term Abortion. A- A- A.Well into my second trimester, I was past the point of worrying about a miscarriage. The past .
Dilation and evacuation (D&E) is done in the second 12 weeks (second trimester) of pregnancy. It usually includes a combination of vacuum .
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The school health teacher told us that when teen girls get abortions it tickles?...Is that true?
You are so lucky to have such a dedicated ,informed, educator in your life. However , because I am a man , I can't speak about the " High " a woman gets from from an abortion . I asked your question to a few " gyno-junkies " at work and they just rolled their eyes and walked away. ...... I...

Conservative Senator Sam Brownback Brownback Wants To Prevent Rape Victims From Having Abortions do you agree?
No. No religious fanatic who is so far out of touch with reality should ever end up in a public office of any kind.

Whats the last time period to get abortion?
24 weeks or 6 months is the cutoff after that a doc must sign off that it is medically necessary. ~Pro-Choice Momma- Have had an abortion and I have a 10 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice. Abortion: There is a Consensus

Does anyone know of an abortion clinic in Puerto Rico?
Woman's Metropolitan Center San Juan, PR (787) 765-4240 (787) 754-7134 Found from the National Abortion Federation, at Best of luck- I'll be thinking about you.

Excessive bleeding after medical abortion?
you need to go to the ER now! u could be hemorrhaging and if it has lasted this long then u dont want to take anymore chances. p.s. what would make you do such a thing? not just to ur baby but to ur body. not being preachy but from a mothers standpoint that isn't cool