Q: What is late term abortion?

A:Time Frame. An abortion is typically considered late-term if it happens after week 20 of pregnancy, though opinions differ about when an abortion can be conside...Read More »

Q: Why late term abortion?

A:Though the procedure has had a low rate of usage, representing 0.17% (2,232 of 1,313,000) of all abortions in the United States in the year 2000, according to v...Read More »

Q: Where are late term abortions legal?

A:Due to the mothers health is legal in every state. The definition of late terms abortions are not clear though so you have to call and ask in your state (like p...Read More »

Q: Where are late term abortions legal?

A:no if you want a abortion dont do it, you are killing a life that is inside you, it is a baby you would be killing, i will pray for you so u make the right choi...Read More »

Q: What is consitered late term abortion?

A:Hi Lynea, Some states allow abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and others restrict it to "fetal viability" which in practice means about 22 weeks. However, ve...Read More »

late-term abortions

Late termination of pregnancy (TOP) or late-term abortions are abortions which are performed during a later stage of pregnancy. Late-term abortions are more . Definition - Incidence - Reasons - Legal restrictions
INDUCTION ABORTION. Also known as the “MOLD Technique”. The induction abortion with the use of digoxin injection was pioneered by late-term abortionist .
The University of Hawaii and the University of Washington-Seattle are recruiting girls as young as 14 to have second-trimester abortions, .
The House dropped a bill that would have banned abortions after the 20-week mark. But plenty of states already do it.
Late-Term Abortions. The following are photographs of aborted babies, most killed in the second and third trimesters. Click the thumbnails to view them full- size.
Late-term abortion is not an exact medical term, but it has been used at times to refer to surgical dilation & evacuation (dismemberment) .
BACKGROUND: In its landmark 1973 abortion cases, the U.S. Supreme Court held.Although the vast majority of states restrict later-term abortions, many of these.The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), Late-term abortions:.
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