Q: What do you think of Tim Tebows Anti abortion commercial ?

A:It was a lie. Tebow's mother was living in the Philippines when she was pregnant with him, and abortions were and still are illegal in that Catholic/Muslim coun...Read More »

Q: What do Atheists think of Catholic Anti-Abortion commercial featu...

A:Catholics will rule the world 1 day.Read More »

Q: Why do some feel that CBS should go ahead and air Tim Tebow's ant...

A:Cause apparently, "America can't handle 30 seconds of a little grown-up controversy" anymore. More »

Q: What do you think of Tim Tebow's decision to be in an anti-aborti...

A:It is a lot better than Obama voting against a ban on partial birth abortions, which involves sticking a tube into the back of a live babies head and sucking ...Read More »

Q: Betty white gets tackled in snickers commercial, not a peep from ...

A:Because Pro Choice is good, as long as you choose abortion.Read More »

anti-abortion commercial

But the network recently reversed its stance. An anti-abortion ad, featuring Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, is set to air during this year.
The 30-second ad is about his mother, Pam s decision not to abort her baby 23. Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: Anti-Abortion Commercial to Air.
Did you know that Florida s Tim Tebow is not only a quarterback dynamo but also alive because his mother didn t kill him? It s true! In fact, it s so .
Google Cracks Down On Misleading Anti-Abortion Ads.Anyone who believes an ad is misleading can submit a complaint to Google.
Denver Broncos second year quarterback Tim Tebow may not actually be Jesus, but he is capable of performing miracles. That s according to .
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