Q: What do you think of Tim Tebows Anti abortion commercial ?

A:It was a lie. Tebow's mother was living in the Philippines when she was pregnant with him, and abortions were and still are illegal in that Catholic/Muslim coun...Read More »

Q: What do Atheists think of Catholic Anti-Abortion commercial featu...

A:Catholics will rule the world 1 day.Read More »

Q: Why do some feel that CBS should go ahead and air Tim Tebow's ant...

A:Cause apparently, "America can't handle 30 seconds of a little grown-up controversy" anymore. More »

Q: What do you think of Tim Tebow's decision to be in an anti-aborti...

A:It is a lot better than Obama voting against a ban on partial birth abortions, which involves sticking a tube into the back of a live babies head and sucking ...Read More »

Q: Betty white gets tackled in snickers commercial, not a peep from ...

A:Because Pro Choice is good, as long as you choose abortion.Read More »

anti-abortion commercial

But the network recently reversed its stance. An anti-abortion ad, featuring Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, is set to air during this year.
The 30-second ad is about his mother, Pam s decision not to abort her baby 23. Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: Anti-Abortion Commercial to Air.
Did you know that Florida s Tim Tebow is not only a quarterback dynamo but also alive because his mother didn t kill him? It s true! In fact, it s so .
Google Cracks Down On Misleading Anti-Abortion Ads.Anyone who believes an ad is misleading can submit a complaint to Google.
Denver Broncos second year quarterback Tim Tebow may not actually be Jesus, but he is capable of performing miracles. That s according to .
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HELP: Sex selective abortion.......????????
YAP International: CRY International Some names are included in this article : "Barbara Miller coined the phrase “The Endangered Sex.” Amartya Sen used the phrase “Missing Women...

Help Finding Anti-Abortion Song?
Abortion is a great thing. In away it saves many lives.

Abortion Pill?
If by abortion pill you mean RU486 Mifepristone and Misoprostol yes it is 99.9% accurate and 5% of women need suction at their follow up exam to remove the tissue that wasn't passed. Upon taking mifepristone at the clinic you may begin to bleed. As each woman's body is different, bleeding varies...

Jewish views on abortion?
This may be surprising - while abortion is not seen by Judaism to be a desirable thing, it is fully permitted under a number of circumstances. According to Jewish law, life begins once the head of the baby is delivered, or the majority of the body. Up till that point it is considered as having...

What are some reasons to support abortion?
Well, first of all, making abortion illegal isn't going to do jack. Abortion has been around since before Ancient Egypt, before it was anywhere near safe. You won't be stopping abortion by making it illegal, you'll be willingly setting up a law that kills both woman and fetus. Being pro-choice...