Q: What were the state anti-abortion statutes in 1972?

A:Before Roe, all states had there own laws. Some states prohibited all abortions, some allowed it in some cases, others allowed it for all cases. I'm from NJ. Ou...Read More »

Q: How do people reconcile being anti-abortion with being Pro-State ...

A:I am completely Pro-Life. I think the death penalty and abortion should be illegal, but I do understand their side. Innocent babies or criminals? I still think ...Read More »

Q: Why Do Far More Conservative States Believe In Executing Children...

A:As a Nevadan I resent your suggestion that we "believe in executing children", and also observe that most of my neighbors are liberals.Read More »

Q: If you are actively anti-abortion are you more an enemy of the st...

A:As an anti-baby killing person, I consider myself an enemy to the liberal state. People who justify it by saying that it should be allowed in all cases because ...Read More »

Q: Would Anti-Abortion groups really be content with a States Rights...

A:whats weird is that most of the people who are anti- abortion tend to be Conservatives (there's nothing wrong with that its just an observation) who also tend t...Read More »

anti-abortion states

[edit]. In bell hooks Feminism is for Everybody, hooks argues that one cannot be anti-choice and . Abortion in the United States - Planned Parenthood v. Casey
An unprecedented wave of state-level abortion restrictions swept the country over the past three years. In 2013 alone, 22 states enacted 70 antiabortion .
Physician and Hospital Requirements: 39 states require an abortion to be performed by.Gestational Limits: 42 states prohibit abortions, generally except when .
Last Wednesday, Mississippi petitioned the Supreme Court to reverse a lower court decision that is keeping the state s only remaining abortion clinic open--for .
2011 was a huge year for anti-abortion legislation, with 92 new restrictions passing in states around the country. Although anti-choice .
Five states — Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Texas — have spent a combined $3,228,000 defending strict anti-abortion laws .
For the past several years, the flurry of anti-abortion activity at the state level has become practically routine. Every session, GOP-controlled .
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Personal experiences of medical abortion please?
My pros/cons list - Medical Pros- *Can happen in the privacy of your own home *Can have a loved one there *More like a miscarriage, more natural *No chance of scar tissue since no instruments are used only pills *Mostly cheaper than a surgical Cons- *Happens outside of the medical establishment...

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