Q: Do You Support This Anti-Abortion Ad ?

A:The irony is that the people behind that ad most likely voted for Obama (since the people who created that ad were most likely black), a man who is 100% in favo...Read More »

Q: Why is it ok to air anti-abortion ads but not pro-gay ads during ...

A:You do not get more liberal the CBS, I am sorry. I think a commercial that promotes gay lifestyles is inappropriate to the Super Bowl, and so does CBS. The pro-...Read More »


A:Too bad the 0bama mama was pro life.Read More »

Q: Should Tim Tebow be in anti-abortion ad?

A:Here's wikipedia's recounting [] of the events leading up to the decision not to terminate: Tebow was born on August 14, 1987 in Makati City in the...Read More »

Q: Gay Superbowl Ad Rejected but Tim Tebow Anti-Abortion Superbowl A...

A:CBS announced that they would not be broadcasting an ad during the Superbowl from the gay dating website, citing that the ad did not meet their "b...Read More »

anti-abortion ads

Google says that it will remove online ads bought by some crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) that pretend to offer abortion services but which in .
The search engines are being asked to remove deceptive ads that seem to offer abortion, but really lead to faith-based groups.
The radio ads from the pro-life Chiaroscuro PAC began airing today in three battleground Senate districts currently held by Sens. Terry Gipson .
Why, just yesterday, a federal appeals court sided with Texas Republicans over the state s brutal, sweeping anti-abortion law, thus forcing 13 .
The city wants the province and federal government to make anti-abortion ads featuring pictures of aborted fetuses illegal. (Canadian Centre for .
The City of Guelph should hence remove all anti-abortion ads from its public buses and abstain from running any such biased and offensive ads in the future.
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Are you supprised by the trend of younger people oppose abortion in greater numbers than the 65 and up crowd?
That's because all the abortion supporters aborted their own genes off the planet while the christians had 4 kids per family.

How soon can after an abortion do you ovulate?
It is hard to say as it is different for everyone. Now mind you the likelihood of becoming pregnant within a week would be lower (most likely), as hcg levels are still elevated and the person will not be ovulating. That being the "likely" scenario anything could happen and people have been...

Ways to make a presentation on the history of the abortion controversy interesting?
You could make a presentation that simply lays out the history of the controversy. If you are very careful not to betray what your view actually is, some will listen intently to try to figure out which way you go on the issue. This will work because there is such a controversy that surrounds...

Who performs an abortion?
A specially trained nurse for early medical abortions using one tablet taken orally then 2 days later using 4 that are inserted vaginally (up to 9 weeks pregnant) For early surgical abortion (vaccum aspiration) there is a specially trained doctor needed to perform the surgery where the pregnancy...

Abortions- Medical vs Surgical?
While I have not experienced an abortion, I am a nursing student and have studied the process. The medical abortion feels a more natural process, as it imitates a miscarriage. However, there is more pain and much more bleeding involved. Medical abortions are not always effective as well...