Q: How do people rate The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choic...

A:Overall Rating: Rating 4 Star Rating star(s) The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life Vs. Pro-ChoiceRead More »

Q: Pro-choice abortion vs Pro-life (discussion)?

A:First of all, no child (and he/she IS a living, human child--see the photo of the child in utero grasping the doctor's hand when he operated on him)--anyway, NO...Read More »

Q: What are your views on abortion? Not talking about pro-life vs. P...

A:Breaking this down to your sub-questions: "what are your real thoughts and feelings toward the practice and why? It really doesn't matter what my or anyone else...Read More »

Q: Was Bobby Kennedy pro life or pro choice on abortion?

A:Robert Kennedy's stance on abortion is not officially documented, as Roe vs. Wade occured four years after his death. At the time of Kennedy's death, most state...Read More »

pro-life vs pro-choice abortion

To be "pro-choice" on abortion is to believe that individuals have unlimited autonomy with respect to their.Pro Life vs Pro Choice on the Nature of Preborn Life.
The terms "pro-life" and "pro-choice" generally boil down to the question of whether the individual wants to see abortion banned, but there s more to the debate .
Abortion Arguments from Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Sides & Main Points of Debate .Here s a look at abortion from both sides - 10 arguments for abortion and 10 .
Pro & Con Arguments: "Should Abortion Be Legal?" PRO Legal.Pro-choice and pro-life demonstrators 2004 March for Womens Lives (Click to enlarge image ).
A quick reminder: Pro-choice and pro-life are the two camps aggressively held in the great abortion divide- there isn t really a middle ground.
Pro-choice argument #1: Pro-lifers want to take away women s rights. Pro-life. Studies also show a correlation between abortion-choice and suicide. Want to .
The following is an excerpt from article DA375 by Hank Hanegraaff. The full article in PDF format can be found by clicking here.
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If you think abortion should be safe, legal, and rare...?
There is no doubt that it just a convenience that women get abortions. But of course the liberals want you to think that every women that gets one has been raped. Its ridicules. People want to push this issue so hard that you would think that its mandatory. I really feel sorry for some young...

Abortion prevention picture?
It's not a picture, but I have written a long blog post detailing the ways we can work to prevent abortion, if you want to read through it for ideas: Hope that helps!

Which is better a medical or a surgical abortion?
Surgical is proven to be the much less traumatic experience. I had the surgical and the experience was completely positive. I went to the hospital was given 2 tablets to place close to the cervix, these help to soften and dilate the cervix. The procedure was carried out an hour and a half later...

Abortion between races?

Can anyone get an abortion?
Sadly, it's as easy as any pregnant woman walking into a clinic, sign a form then abortion.