Q: What kind of medical abortion pill can you take if you are 2-3 we...

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. You have to go to a clinic and get a prescription. They will examine you and sen...Read More »

Q: How much does a abortion cost if your 2-3 weeks pregnant?

A:How much is an abortion if i am 3-4 weeks?Read More »

Q: What happens to a 23 week fetus after abortion?

A:Many states will not allow the abortion of a 23 week old fetus because they are viable at that stage in the pregnancy. There are still some who do allow for lat...Read More »

Q: Where can I get an abortion after 23 weeks?

A:Try this website to find a provider near you. This would be considered a second trimester abortion, and would be called "late term" Alternately, http://www.plan...Read More »

Q: Which is the best procedure or drug for 2-3 weeks abortion?

A:You do realize, of course, that every abortion kills an living human being, right? If that's not an adverse effect, I don't know what is. The child's heart begi...Read More »

23 week abortion pictures

She said: "Our picture shows Adelaide was not a feotus she was a fully formed. "My first daughter was born at 23 weeks and classed as a late .
Know the truth of abortion from these babies Abortion photos. Distressing images of abortion from weeks of fertilization exposed to spread awareness for .
GRAPHIC IMAGES OF ABORTION. Pictures of Aborted Babies ·- Videos of Abortion ·- Diagrams of the.of Aborted Children: Archive 1. Babies killed at 7 weeks.
I have culled the internet for some photographs of babies at each week. Calypso (29 weeks, 5 days) (Note: Calypso was born alive and lived for 23 days .im pregnant and now i throw pictures of aborted babies in their face and ask if .
Remembering a Baby Born Alive After a 22-23 Week Abortion.The site features a picture of a thoughtful- and earnest-looking woman and .
Aborted baby in hand, suction abortion, 12-14 weeks.MichAveMed21.jpg, MichAveMed22.jpg, MichAveMed23.jpg, MichAveMed24.jpg, MichAveMed25.jpg .
Currently a nationwide ban on abortion after 20 weeks based upon fetal pain is being.The video provides several images of premature babies born as early as 23 weeks.My family picture is very proudly in my room now.
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Why should abortion be illegal?
PLEASE note, although IAMACATHOLIC usually gives correct evaluation of stands of the Catholic Church, here his answer is wrong both in content and implication. The catholic Church NOW differentiates between direct abortion, and indirect abortion where the intent is to save the mother. Hence...

Whats the procedure and cost for an abortion?
Copied from another post I just replied to regarding abortions. Good luck with your decision. Unless you are very fortunate and lucky, you won't find a clinic that performs abortions for free. Most will charge (even Planned Parenthood) around $300-$500 for an abortion, whether it's the pill...

You do not need parental consent to have an abortion. Also, you can apply for Medi-Cal/Medicaid through Social Services to pay for the abortion. Contact Planned Parenthood if there is one near you. They have counselors to talk with to help you through this. On a side note, if you know who...

What is the democratic and republican party platform?
Be careful, guns, gays, and abortions are what they call wedge issues. I love guns and hate abortions but I don`t vote Republican. Democratic= We are all in this together. Republican= Every man for themselves.

Questions about the abortion pill?
There is no such thing as an abortion pill. MOst people associate Plan B pills with abortion pills. Plan B pills WILL NOT and are NOT designed to terminate a pregnancy that is already in existance. Its like a last minute birth control that will hopefully mask ovulation in case you may have...