Q: School bans anti-abortion T-shirt?

A:While I think excluding her is going way over the top, I do not believe that school is an arena for promoting contentious political views via slogans on clothin...Read More »

Q: How does it make my giant beard a woman hater if i wear an anti a...

A:The funny thing is the women who say that are the same ones who go on for hours about how women should be respected BECAUSE they're givers of life. If you trace...Read More »

Q: Is it right for girls to wear Anti-Abortion shirts?

A:Yes, you have the right to wear whatever clothes you want to wear. Whether you could wear the shirt to school depends on that school's dress code. I can't see w...Read More »

Q: What is anti abortion?

A:There are people who oppose the practice of abortion, for various political, philosophical, or religious reasons. That means they are anti abortion. They like t...Read More »

Q: What is anti-abortion?

A:Anti-abortion is when someone, or a group of people, disagree with abortion and think it is wrong and shouldn't be allowed. Often, they believe this for religio...Read More »

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What do they do to the kittens when your cat gets an abortion?
its the same as putting animals to sleep,they just go to sleep and never wake up,a very peaceful way to go,and you are doing a huge favor to the cat world,its a hard choice but with the millions of kittens and cats being killed every year,its the right one. ADD: it is nothing like people abortions...

For Christians against gay marriage and abortion...?
Humbert dear, you are forgetting one important thing. Christians don't care what happens to the kids after they're born. Their concern ends after they succeed in shoving their beliefs down other people's throats. At least that is what I have to conclude based on Christian bible morals....they're...

Abortion and taxes on U.S citzens?
Abortion cost: human life, which in the long-term is one less tax-payer, one less worker cog. Birth benefit: human life, in the long-term giving us another tax-payer, another worker cog. I know that will get thumbsdowns but you have to remember that in order to have economic stability we need...

Ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard????
Wow. Who wastes their money on a billboard like that? I would have put it towards a car. Anyways, if my ex ever made a billboard like that about ME, someone would be getting their throat ripped out...

Is the reason rush limbaugh loves sarah pallin because she?
Rush Limbaugh is an extreme right wing Republican. Sarah Palin represents exactly what he wants: gun rights, against abortion, for conservative censoring of books, against gay marriage, etc. McCain in the past has had some moderate views and McCain made some mistakes in the election, especially...