Q: Is partial birth abortion legal?

A:It's illegal but possible if there is no other method to save a woman's life. Most states have laws against it but when it comes to saving her life and nothing ...Read More »

Q: Is partial birth abortion legal?

A:Partial birth abortion is the lay term for the medical term Dilation and Extraction (D&X) procedure that was presented at the National Abortion Federation confe...Read More »

Q: Is partial birth abortion legal?

A:Right now, it is still legal. Here's more information about partial-birth abortion: and about other aspects of abortion: Photo...Read More »

Q: Is partial birth abortion legal?

A:For now, no, it is not. However, Obama has been very outspoken about his support for partial birth abortion. As he appoints Supreme Court justices that are in s...Read More »

Q: When was partial birth abortion legalized?

A:There is no such procedure by that name. If you are referring to D and X or D and E, then those have been legal and have recently been made. illegal. NOTE: no o...Read More »

is partial-birth abortion legal

Partial-birth abortion" defined by law[edit]. The phrase "partial-birth abortion" . Provisions - "Partial-birth abortion. - Legislative and judicial history - Public opinion
Partial-birth abortions are banned in the U.S. Learn more about this brutal, late- term abortion procedure and how it was made illegal.
prohibiting “partial-birth” abortion, defined in a variety of manners, in all but. Moreover, although the law does not include a precise medical definition of what is.
Apparently, it s all legal. It allows doctors to circumvent the partial-birth abortion law, or at least the spirit of it, because the intent of the law is to .
Carhart, the Supreme Court rules that the Nebraska ban against so-called "partial -birth" abortions should be overturned because the statute .
This subsection does not apply to a partial-birth abortion that is necessary to save .(2) the term “physician” means a doctor of medicine or osteopathy legally .
Upholding the law and lifting the injunction against it – has prevented 11000 partial-birth abortions from occurring.
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