Q: Pro abortion stories?

A: and the term is pro-CHOICE hun. meaning we support ALL choices a woman makes, not just the choice to end a pregnancy. and to anyone wh...Read More »

Q: Is the War On Women the same ol' story - pro-abortion or pro-life...

A:Bingo! same drama different election.Read More »

Q: So what is the real story about Cardinal Ratzinger's statement? C...

A:So what is the real story about Cardinal Ratzinger's statement? Back in June, the head of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sent a letter...Read More »

pro-abortion stories

Items 1 - 25 of 172 . Stories About Abortion. Jeni, 34. At almost 21 weeks, Scott and I went to our appointment with the specialist. The sonogram operator asked us .
Every day, women and men make deep, personal decisions about their reproductive health. Many send us powerful stories about why they re pro-choice.
In their own words, here are the stories of real women who have chosen hearing about your experience and why you are pro-choice.
As their stories show, the experience of abortion in the United States in 2013 is vastly.Sometimes pro-choice is the only choice we have. New York Magazine - That doctor gave me my family. - 11 - 12
Pro-choice. Personal stories celebrate the right to choose and illuminate the lives of women that choose.Telling our stories helps us to understand each other.
Some sites will even tell prospective contributors flat out that they will not accept positive abortion stories, yet somehow INS gets continuously singled out for “not .
Pro Choice Definition - Story index. A woman s right to make her own abortion decision is overwhelmingly supported in Britain. Story index .
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What are the health effects of abortion?
Common physical symptoms after abortion: *Abdominal pain and cramping *Nausea *Vomiting *Diarrhea *Spotting and Bleeding Potentially more serious physical health risks: *Heavy or persistent bleeding *Infection or sepsis *Damage to the cervix *Scarring of the uterine lining *Perforation of the...

Who know what website has a newspaper article on a moral/ethical issue (abortion, sex, porno, suicide, etc...) Pick the topic you are interested in. You will find many newspaper articles on that topic.

How much does the abortion pill cost? What kinds of side effects does the abortion pill have?
I would avoid the abortion pill if I were you. I don't know from personal experience, but the day before I had my surgical abortion, I talked to a friend who had taken the pill. She said it was the worst pain she had ever experienced. The doctors gave her pain medications, but she threw them...

Does the injection keep working after an abortion?
Yes the injection keeps working. Be careful having intercourse so soon afterwards as you can get a uterine infection which can lead to many complications. It's best to wait at least 4-6 weeks. You will be more fertile for 3-6 months after your pregnancy, so make sure if you are getting close...

A persons right to control their own body, abortion & circumcision?
I believe that infant circumcision is always wrong except in the case of legitimate medical reasons. It is wrong to perform cosmetic surgery (as circumcision has no medical benefits) on someone when they cannot consent to it. This is a direct violation of their body and their rights. Circumcision...