Q: Where are the anti-abortionists now?

A:a human life is a human life and all are important. you make the assumption that that number would continue and that all of them would be unwanted. what happene...Read More »

Q: This question is for anti-abortionists?

A:The arguments that I've heard them use are things like the murderer did something to deserve death. And I believe that is a valid argument, provided the person ...Read More »

Q: To all the anti abortionists?

A:Thats Brilliant. You are completely right about these religious fanatics that have some 'justified' reason for branding anyone who is brave enough to try and re...Read More »

Q: Are anti abortionists pro coathangers?

A:You aren't going to sell me on the idea that science makes it rational. Enough is enough now we can't decide who lives or dies it is not our decision to make. A...Read More »

Q: Who really thinks this? the guys or anti abortionists?

A:I can definetely appreciate your point. Women should and do have rights, and deserve to be allowed to be more than just baby making machines, mothers, and wives...Read More »

anti abortionist

Anti-abortion movements are involved in the abortion debate and advocate against both the practice of abortion and its legality. Modern anti-abortion . Terminology - Around the world - See also - References
Anti-abortion violence is violence committed against individuals and organizations that provide abortion. Incidents of violence have included destruction of .
Abortion is never a mere personal choice but a grave offense against God and His creation. The anti-abortion struggle has always been a religious battle and .
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n. 1. a person who is opposed to legal voluntary abortion. Webster s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co. Translations.
These anti-abortion protesters in front of a women s clinic in London are being made to eat crow by a pregnant woman who was passing by.
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What are Mitt Romney's views on homosexuality and abortions?
I can only assume what he says which is the same as mine as a member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stand. Abortion is opposed except in the case of rape or mental or physical health of mother. Homosexuality in practice is a sin. practicing. Families are sacred & must be protected...

Grief normal after an abortion?
So sorry to hear that, it is normal to go through the grieving process when you loose a baby no matter how it happens or at what stage. Just try to let yourself go through what you need to because holding your feeling in will only make things worse. This website has a lot of information on...

Inter-Faith Series, Catholicism: Why is abortion gravely wrong?
It's wrong because it's taking another human life (in a word, murder). If you wouldn't just come up to me and chop me up, stab me in the head with a knitting needle, or suck me up in a vacuum, there's no reason you should do it to a baby, either. (And if you would do those things, you have...

Is there any good clean abortion clinics in newry, ireland?
If you live in Ireland or overseas you can still visit one of our centres for abortion advice and help. We understand the additional difficulties you may have travelling to England but be assured we are here to advise and support you to make things as easy as possible. Our service is completely...