Q: I will be at 19 weeks when I have abortion procedure. Will it hur...

A:No it wont. You are sedated and they numb the cervix.Read More »

Q: Will you be put to sleep during the procedure when having an abor...

A:maybe only half of your bodyRead More »

Q: What is the procedure for a abortion when u r 15 weeks?

A:I really hope by posting this you aren't going to get a ton of people throwing only one option at you... Let me give you a few sites you can go to that will hel...Read More »

Q: How does abortion work if you are 19 weeks pregnant?

A:I miscarried a baby at 20 weeks and when I got to the hospital he was moving around, I could feel him kicking, but I was in labour, which took a couple of hours...Read More »

Q: When i do have it, which occurs every 5-6 weeks (before the proce...

A:You should just go an have a gynecological examination. That unusually includes a thorough history, examination and an ultrasound. You may also need blood wor...Read More »

19 week abortion procedure

Late abortion clinic Boulder Abortion Clinic in Colorado, abortion prices, first trimester abortion, second.15 To 19 Weeks - Three Day Outpatient Procedure.
For later abortions after 18-19 weeks, we only offer abortion under a general. The procedure is very short and usually takes less than 5 minutes to perform.
Second Trimester Abortion Services Information One-day Procedure For 12 - 19 Weeks. You probably have many questions regarding a second trimester .
2nd trimester (15-24 weeks) abortion surgery is very safe when performed by licensed, trained physicians at Northland Family Planning Centers.
I am 19 weeks pregnant, and I basically want to know what abortion is like. Abortion is a medical procedure and does involve the risk of .
A late-term abortion often refers to an induced abortion procedure that.9% of abortions occurred between weeks, while 1% occurred at or over 20 .
A surgical abortion is a medical procedure that involves minor out-patient surgery .A surgical abortion at 15-19 weeks is similar but much more involved and .
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What is a "2 liter coke bottle abortion"?
When you put a 2 liter of soda inside of a pregnant woman and stomp on it, aborting the fetus.

There should be national abortion day, for women to celebrate their freedom. agree?
I disagree. Perhaps a "Personal Freedom Day" to be recognized by anyone that wants to celebrate religous freedoms, sexual freedoms, or even the freedom to wear white after Labor Day if I wanna. But not specific to abortion, it's a bit narrow-minded so would definitely not add to my days off...

I want a sterilization procedure,but my husband wants to have kids. In WA state, does law require his consent?
Your husband really has no legal say in what you do with your body. You can sterilize yourself without his consent. You can get an abortion without his consent. Doing either without his knowledge, however, is grounds for divorce if and when he finds out, though... and you would likely get...

How soon after an abortion can I get pregnant again ?
Thats so stupid. Dont get pregnant again its pointless. Think about WHY u killed ur other baby, have those reasons went away in 5 months? Have u accomplished what u needed to, and now in a position to have a baby? Doubtful. If you had kept this one then it would be all worked out by now if...

Effect of abortion which has done by medicines
positive effects of abortion done by medicine, 1)no instruments have to use. 2)dilatation and curatage(D AND C) complications are excluded. negative effects of abortion done by medicine, 1)all material of conception may not come out. 2) intact material of conception in uterus may cause A) infection...