Q: How did women perform abortions in the 1800's.

A:Not Medical Advice: Abortions during the 1800's were done by the process of dilation & curettage which means to cleanse. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, ...Read More »

Q: How did women abort babies in the 1800's?

A:Clothes hangers, a kick in the gut, some other methods that could quite easily lead to the woman's death. I don't know if it counts, but I wouldn't be surprised...Read More »

Q: How would a woman have gotten an abortion in the late 1800s?

A:Doctors, dentists, and midwives all did abortions. My father told me that his mother (my grandmother) and her friends referred to it as "a cleaning." (That woul...Read More »

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Since it wasn't that long ago you had the abortion, I'd say it's most probably your body reacting to the loss of those pregnancy hormones and/or, the stress of the procedure. I wouldn't worry about it just yet, but if the headaches continue definately see a doctor. Hope things resolve soonxx...

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