Q: Will Al Qaeda team up with anti-abortion terror groups & anti-tax...

A:that's a pretty scary thought man.especially given the recent attack on an irs bldg by a disgruntled tax payer.oops i mean tax evader.Read More »

Q: Will Sebelius Survive 'Terrorism of the Anti-Abortion People?

A:The following exchange was aired during the March 2, edition of "Hardball": CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let's talk about, let's get to something really tough. JONATHAN MART...Read More »

Q: Will Sebelius Survive 'Terrorism of the Anti-Abortion People?

A:On Monday night's "Hardball," Chris Matthews feared Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, in her nomination fight to head HHS, would be a target of "the terrorism ...Read More »

Q: Will RICO Laws be used to arrest all members of anti-abortion and...

A:What crimes are committed by these groups? You mean when a nut or two commits a crime? Unlike the Bloods and Crips you mention,these groups are not officially c...Read More »

anti-abortion terrorism

Anti-abortion violence is violence committed against individuals and organizations that provide abortion. Incidents of violence have included destruction of . Definition and characteristics - By country - Violence by Army of God
These interviews form the basis of a book, Living in the Crosshairs: The Untold Stories of Anti-Abortion Terrorism, which will be released in May .
Although public attention has been directed towards other forms of domestic terrorism in recent years, anti-abortion violence remains a steady .
the federal FACE Act27 and corresponding state laws, anti-choice violence at the impact anti-choice violence has on access to abortion care .
Women and their doctors have long lived under the threat of anti-abortion violence. Courts weighing abortion legislation cannot forget that .
When Justice Harry Blackmun came to the Supreme Court in May of 1970, he probably expected nothing more than the mundane, cloistered .
As the hardcore wing of the anti-abortion movement becomes smaller, its extremism increases — leading to increased violence.
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Obviously not. How about asking a Holocaust survivor how they feel about that analogy? Edit- I know someone who has a bumper sticker that says, "My Black Lab is smarter than your honor student". It must be true, right? Honestly, it's shameful that you know so little about the Holocaust. You...

Jesus was pro Abortion?
@RIP, Christopher Hitchens!: "They didn't have abortions back then." Abortion existed in Biblical times as well. They are referenced in texts contemporary with the bible- most of these texts are Greek or Roman. Gynecology, for example, was written by Sor

Should THIS type of abortion be legal or not?
No. Abortion should be illegal period. Abortion is the killing of an innocent human person. The killing of an innocent human person is always wrong. Therefore abortion is always wrong. No one who understands biology or has seen an abortion can deny that abortion is killing something that is...

Abortion medical vs surgical abortion?
Well I've had a surgical. It was not painful because I was put to sleep. Woke up with cramps similar to those I get with my period.

What does a medical (pill) abortion feel like (RU-486) ?
I had a medical abortion two years ago at age twenty. I was seven weeks, five days. The only pain I experienced was about fifteen minutes of severe cramps an hour and a half after I took the second pill. I had bleeding with minor clots for maybe two weeks after that. I did not experience any...