Q: 7 weeks pregnant at wants abortion?

A:have the abortion and get sterilised at the same time, get your bf neutered too, he'll be less violent.Read More »

Q: Im 17 weeks pregnant and about to have a abortion?

A:17 weeks is late to be having an abortion,i am pro choice but unless this is for a medical reason i honestly cannot understand why you would wait so long. If it...Read More »

Q: 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant and getting abortion?

A:Well, there isn't much to be said to make you guys feel better but I will give you some food for thought. It sounds like you guys are basing your decision on th...Read More »

Q: Im 17 weeks pregnant and about to have a abortion?

A:If you had a abortion before,then why did you let yourself get pregnant again? 17 weeks is way too late to get an abortion. You are a cold,selfish person! Quit ...Read More »

Q: How do you win back someone's feelings once they are lost because...

A:I suppose that she doesn't feel like she is in denial. At this point, the baby is in her life and it is her choice. All you can do is what you have done-asked h...Read More »

17 weeks pregnant abortion

2nd trimester (15-24 weeks) abortion surgery is very safe when performed by licensed, trained.for women seeking an abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy (15 to 24 weeks gestation).1-Day Care Option (15 – 17 week D & E ).
licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy). An early .
Physical aspects of abortion- Emotional aspects of abortion- How a termination. For a pregnancy that is 17 weeks or greater the procedure is .
I had a late medical abortion when I was 17 weeks pregnant.That was 4 months ago and I m full of regret. I have never dreamed that I would go through with an .
There are two procedures that can be used at 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19 weeks of your pregnancy. The first is called a Late Medical Abortion and can be used from 13 .
During the second trimester, 15 to 23 weeks after your last menstrual period,.in one day for pregnancies 18 weeks or less, depending on the circumstance.
Surgical Abortion up to 17 Weeks Included with your.Ultrasound and Lab Tests (Rh Typing, Anemia Screening & Pregnancy Test) Follow-up Examination
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Does anyone know of any online books/articles about abortion that I might be able to use for an essay?
Yes, there are many sites about that aspects. Granted, most of the time you will get religious views mixed in, considering most who create those sites do so because they're against abortion for moral and religious reason. I suggest looking for sites on "crisis pregnancies" and "unwanted pregnancies"...

Rick Perry says abortion should be allowed if the mother's life is at risk?
abortion is abortion killing a baby is murder it is that easy.. 5 thumbs down? oh i am sorry i said it is murder oh ok what do libs like to call it when you stop the life of a baby??..

Do you agree that the spirit of abortion is the spirit of the idol molech that people sacrificed their childrn?
Totally, completely and utterly disagree with you. You choose to believe in YOUR god, he is only 1 in about 3,000 gods that people believe in. Why should I even consider comparing two gods that I could care less about let alone believe in? You need serious debugging and deprogramming. Damned...

Birthmother wants contact but I am abortion survivor?
Allanas, I don't know where you worked in the medical field, but hidden twins are definitely real occurences. My sister had twins but the OBGYN could only see one and hear only one heartbeat. Later, when they found the other twin, she said it wasn't too uncommon. She couldn't explain why she...

How many abortions have been performed in the history of the United States? Please provide 2 references.?
Did you mean to post this question twice in two minutes? How about "no" for an answer! Google may have the answer you seek, either on some anti-abortion site or the Planned Parenthood site. This stinks of a homework assignment. Are you asking for legal doctor performed procedures or back-room...