Q: What is the procedure for a abortion when u r 15 weeks?

A:I really hope by posting this you aren't going to get a ton of people throwing only one option at you... Let me give you a few sites you can go to that will hel...Read More »

Q: What is the procedure for abortion at 11 weeks?

A:Dilation and suction curettage (D&C) is the method. The doctor will insert an instrument called a speculum into the vagina to hold the vaginal walls apart. Then...Read More »

Q: How is an abortion performed at 15 weeks?

A:You will be sedated and the doctor will insert an instrument, called a speculum into your vagina to hold the vaginal walls apart. The he will widening (dilating...Read More »

Q: How "safe" is it to have an abortion at 15 weeks?

A:If you have a Planned Parenthood nearby, your best bet would be to make an appontment with them and discuss your concerns. They are neither pro-life nor pro-cho...Read More »

Q: What are reasons an abortion cannot be preformed at 15 weeks of p...

A:I apologise for all the judgemental answers you have received so far; I personally could not have an abortion after having had a missed miscarriage last year at...Read More »

15 week abortion procedure

Surgical Abortion Procedures use instruments to go in and remove the baby from inside.abortion procedure performed during the first 6 to 16 weeks gestation. The procedure usually lasts 10-15 minutes, but recovery can require staying at .
2nd trimester (15-24 weeks) abortion surgery is very safe when performed by licensed, trained physicians at Northland Family Planning Centers.
Surgical abortion involves having a surgical procedure and a local or general. Suction aspiration can be used from seven to 15 weeks of pregnancy. It involves .
During the second trimester, 15 to 23 weeks after your last menstrual period,. Second trimester surgical abortion is one of the safest medical procedures.
Second Trimester Abortion Instructions (One-Day Procedure ONLY) – Washington Blvd.Second trimester abortions are performed between 14 to 23.5 weeks of pregnancy and require 2.This procedure takes approximately 5- 15 minutes.
For later abortions after 18-19 weeks, we only offer abortion under a general. The procedure is very short and usually takes less than 5 minutes to perform.If your pregnancy is more than 15 weeks advanced, we may give you some .
Prostaglandin: after 15 weeks of pregnancy. This procedure is conducted in the same manner as a saline abortion, except prostaglandin (a hormone that causes .
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