Q: What is societies view on abortion pro-life or pro-choice?

A:Society is divided almost equally on this issue (51% pro-life: 49% pro-abortion) on this isssue, some think a woman should be forced to bear an unwanted child w...Read More »

Q: What is pro-life and pro-choice in relation to abortion?

A:Pro-lifers are for the foetus living and being born. They believe that life start at conception. Pro-choicers are for the woman having the choise what will happ...Read More »

Q: What is pro life..when it comes to abortion?

A:Pro life is when you believe the baby has a right to life even if the mother wants to get rid of it (i.e anti abortion) Pro Choice is when you believe that it i...Read More »

Q: How is it pro-life to support backstreet abortions?

A:Total number of abortions in the United States 1967-2011: 54,900,000. Would these back street abortions kill over a million women a year like legal abortions do...Read More »

Q: Why are most christians "pro life" (abortion)?

A:Many of them believe life begins at conception. Simple. They're entitled to that belief. As long as they keep it out of laws and my personal life, I won't have ...Read More »

pro-life abortion statistics

The Pro-Life Explanation for Why the Number of Abortions is Dropping - February 5, 2014. Analyzing the Decrease in the Number of Abortions .
At learn informative abortion facts and argue that these statistics are being stated misleadingly by biased pro-life advocates.
It is imperative that pro-lifers be ready to answer questions about abortion and the risks.The U.S. abortion rate is among the highest of developed countries.
Why Pro-Life seeks to bring your powerful pro-life information, facts and. Another important source of abortion statistics is the Centers for .
When you cite these statistics, emphasize that they come from the abortion industry s own.Abortion advocates are also threatened by the pro-woman/pro- life .
U.S. Still Split on Abortion: 47% Pro-Choice, 46% Pro-Life.the percentage of voters saying a candidate s position on abortion is paramount to .
Catholic Church/Teachings Pro-Life Referrals Fetal Development Methods History Statistics.Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2013: 56.5 million+.
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Abortion and Government.?
1. Abortion is readily available but poverty hasn't gotten better. In fact, it's gotten worse. 2. Abortions don't replace live births 1:1. A pregnancy carried to term, and the recovery period afterward, keeps the woman from having an additional pregnancy...

How much does a chemical abortion cost in Arizona clinics?
After checking with Google, it appears that there are a number of different prices for a medical abortions in the AZ area, which is the same nationwide. The cost varies from $295 to $800 depending on the type of treatment you are looking for. I listed a few sites including the Google that I...

Do you think abortion is wrong or right?
No I do not think it is 'wrong'. If I did not want the child or it had birth defects then I would get an abortion. Personally, I wouldn't feel right getting one after the first 2 months of pregnancy if the baby seemed like it was developing normally. Before that I think of it as just a cluster...

Apart from the obvous legal support i.e. Roe v. Wade is abortion an ethically suportable position?
The life of a fetus cannot be separated from the life of the pregnant woman. This is unique in medicine and law. No one can create a set of medical principles or legal principles giving a right to life to the fetus, because by doing so, inevitably the woman's rights become limited. I don't...

Abortion - pro life rebuttal. 10 points!?
Pro choice side- What about if the baby is ill-down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, etc??? Pro life rebuttal- A persons lifes value is NOT based on some man made criterea. Even the child who is ill or handicapped is a human being with dignity and life. We must value life simply for being, not when...