Q: What is societies view on abortion pro-life or pro-choice?

A:Society is divided almost equally on this issue (51% pro-life: 49% pro-abortion) on this isssue, some think a woman should be forced to bear an unwanted child w...Read More »

Q: What is pro-life and pro-choice in relation to abortion?

A:Pro-lifers are for the foetus living and being born. They believe that life start at conception. Pro-choicers are for the woman having the choise what will happ...Read More »

Q: What is pro life..when it comes to abortion?

A:Pro life is when you believe the baby has a right to life even if the mother wants to get rid of it (i.e anti abortion) Pro Choice is when you believe that it i...Read More »

Q: How is it pro-life to support backstreet abortions?

A:Total number of abortions in the United States 1967-2011: 54,900,000. Would these back street abortions kill over a million women a year like legal abortions do...Read More »

Q: Why are most christians "pro life" (abortion)?

A:Many of them believe life begins at conception. Simple. They're entitled to that belief. As long as they keep it out of laws and my personal life, I won't have ...Read More »

pro-life abortion statistics

The Pro-Life Explanation for Why the Number of Abortions is Dropping - February 5, 2014. Analyzing the Decrease in the Number of Abortions .
At learn informative abortion facts and argue that these statistics are being stated misleadingly by biased pro-life advocates.
It is imperative that pro-lifers be ready to answer questions about abortion and the risks.The U.S. abortion rate is among the highest of developed countries.
Why Pro-Life seeks to bring your powerful pro-life information, facts and. Another important source of abortion statistics is the Centers for .
When you cite these statistics, emphasize that they come from the abortion industry s own.Abortion advocates are also threatened by the pro-woman/pro- life .
U.S. Still Split on Abortion: 47% Pro-Choice, 46% Pro-Life.the percentage of voters saying a candidate s position on abortion is paramount to .
Catholic Church/Teachings Pro-Life Referrals Fetal Development Methods History Statistics.Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2013: 56.5 million+.
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Does abortion aftermath effect men as well?
.I'm definitely pro-choice, but what would cause me to be curious is why even tell the guy you were pregnant, if you were going to terminate? I wouldn't. I wouldn't see any point in telling upset someone for nothing (either by causing them anxiety over becoming a parent when unprepared...

Should any Church be blamed when an Anti-abortion zealot bombs a clinic or kills a doctor?
havent you heard the cons recently about the mosque in new york? the minority extremists are the direct representation of the general overall group. all muslims are terrorists in the same way all christians are anti abortion clinic bombers. duh. conservative logic. its infalliable

In France, abortion is legal and free?
They have universal Heath insurace not free medical care, However Health care is cheaper there because medical school is free so they have more doctors that are paid less than ours. Abortion in France is legal on demand up to 12-weeks after conception. Abortions at later stages of pregnancy...

Abortion pill help and information.?
The first pill -mifepristone- works by blocking the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, and pregnancy cannot continue. The second pills you take the next day at home or at a friend's house -misoprostol- causes the uterus to empty. Info about abortion...

Is abortion another tool used by the left in the war on women?
It is touted as a valuable "freedom" it is true but the downsides as you have pointed out, are many and not discussed as the Eugenics Crew don't want to deter females from ridding their bodies of an unwanted annoyance. Since the beginning of 2014 there have been 73,620 abortions performed in...